Toys in the 70s

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Toys in the 70s
Stretch Armstrong fuses “tug of war” with the action figure, and Japan totally revitalizes the concept with the Shogun Warriors and Micronauts. Shrinky Dinks prove that ovens aren’t just for food any more, while Sit N’ Spin proves that vertigo can be fun. SSP Racers explode onto the scene, Evel Knievel clears all obstacles with his Stunt Cycle, Holly Hobbie lends her bonnet to many a domestic product, Atari and Odyssey bring the video game craze home, and with a little help from George Lucas’ movie, a new Star (Wars) is born.

A Action Jackson
Air Blaster Gun
Ants in the Pants
Army Men
AtariB Barbie
Barrel of Monkeys
Battlestar Galactica
Battling Tops
BB guns
Big Jim
Big Trak
Big Wheel
Billy Blastoff
Bionic Woman

C Cabbage Patch Kids
Candy Land
Cap Guns
Chatty Cathy
Chinese Checkers
Chutes and Ladders
Chutes Away
Click Clacks / Clackers / Kerbangers
Colorform Aliens
Connect Four
Corgi Die Cast Vehicles
Crayola Crayons
Creepy Crawlers

D Darci
Digger the Dog
Dolly Pops
Don’t Break the Ice
Dungeons & Dragons

E Easy-Bake Oven
Electric Football
Erector set
Ertl Die-Cast Toys
Evel Knievel

F Fashion Plates
Fisher-Price Little People
Fisher-Price Movie Viewer
Foto-Electric Football

G G.I. Joe (60’s, 70’s)
Give-A-Show Projector
Glamour head
Gnip Gnop
Green Machine

H Hacky Sack
Hats Off
Hello Kitty
Hi-Ho! Cherry-O
Holly Hobbie Oven
Hoppity Hop
Hot Potato
Hot Wheels
Hugo: Man of a Thousand Faces
Hula Hoop
Hungry Hungry Hippos

I Intellivision

J Jacks
Jacob’s Ladder
Johnny West
Johnson Smith Company

K Ker Plunk
Kiddie Record Players

L Labyrinth
Lawn Darts
Lie Detector
Lincoln Logs
Lionel Trains
Little Professor calculator
Lone Ranger action figures

M Mad Libs
Mad Magazine Game
Magic 8 Ball
Magic Sand
Major Matt Mason
Mattel Electronics Football
Mego Super Heroes
Memory Game
Mickey Mouse
Milky the Marvelous Milking Cow
Mille Bornes
Mouse Trap
Mr. Machine
Mr. Microphone
Mr. Mouth
Mr. Potato Head
Muhammad Ali
My Friend dolls
Mystery Date

N Nerf

O Odyssey

P Parcheesi
Pick Up Sticks
Planet of the Apes
Plastic Cars
Pogo Stick

R Radio Flyer wagon
Raggedy Ann
Remote Control Cars
Rock’em Sock’em Robots
ROM the Spaceknight
Romper Stompers
Rubik’s Cube

S Scrabble
Sea Monkeys
Sea Wees
See ‘n Say
Shogun Warriors
Shrinky Dinks
Silly Putty
Silly String
Sit ‘N Spin
The Six Million Dollar Man
Slip ‘N Slide
Slot Racers
Sno-Cone Machines
Space: 1999
Speak & Spell
SSP Racers
Star Trek
Star Wars
Stay Alive
Stretch Armstrong
Super Ball
Super Jock

T Teddy Bears
Tinker Toys
Tonka Trucks
Toss Across

U Uncle Milton’s Ant Farm
Upsy Downsy Baby

V VertiBird

W Wacky Packages
Wizard of Oz

Y Yahtzee
Yes & Know books

Z Zeroids
Zillion Bubble Blower

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45 thoughts on “Toys in the 70s

  1. What about Dingbats, a paddle shaped bat made of a ceramic type plastic with and elastic string with rubber ball, tested ones coordination hand to eye…..i have one in my collection, NO info anywhere….! ! !
    or 3-4 bladed boomerangs…..mid 70’s frisbees….

  2. Hi. Loving your Blog and thought I’d better let you know that I’ve nominated you for a Versatile Blogger award! Hope it, if nothing else, makes you smile, as you do for me!

  3. This is a fun website and it brings back a lot of “retro” memories. However, the moderators forgot some wonderful toys from the ’70’s. Who could forget: “Slime”, “Magic Window” and “Super Elastic Bubble Plastic” ? I never had these items, but they were always on the top of my “Wish List.” 🙂

  4. What a fun page! One for the B’s — Breyer Horses! There were even cowboy kids and cowboy girls (fully jointed, with molded-on plastic clothing) to ride the horse, and “horse shows” you could participate in (taking pictures of your horse).

  5. one of my all time favs in my stockings…..Stompers….AAbattery opperated little cars….we would make all sorts of tracks with moms encyclopedia britanica collection….see mom….we did use that book set after all………good website

    • oh yah, baby…Stompers and also the Rough Rider cars w/knobby wheels and pointed ‘hub caps’ so you could make them do a side wheelie

  6. I love this blog. I cant recall if these guys were from the 70’s or the 80’s, but as a kid I had 3 figure toys with very interesting characteristics- The first was a hard plastic Caucasian guy with a clear torso who stood about twelve inches tall. A button in his back would pump his lungs and heart, as well as red liquid through his arteries. The second was the same size guy, purple with an alien type head. His clear front revealed a metallic pinwheel that would spin and spit sparks when activated by a trigger on his side. I believe the third guy was a part of the same crew, and was a lot like the green Stretch Monster but I remember his head being of the same material as his body.

    I’d love to know if you know of these toys, and if so, where I might find them. Thanks for any info you might be able to provide.

  7. When I was growing up in the 70’s, there was a toy you could buy which consisted of a three-fold fold-out “scene” and a sheet of rub-on decals. This toy would come packed in a flat plastic slip bag and would usually be themed after a licensed comic book or cartoon character, ie. Spider-Man, The Incredible Hulk, etc.
    You would take out the contents, unfold the scene (a downtown city street, a wharf with warehouses, etc) then take the decal sheet which was covered with pictures of bad guys, explosions, the main character, and orient where you wanted the decal on the scene, as they were crammed onto the decal sheet to save space. Then you’d take a pencil or coin and rub the plastic decal sheet, transferring the decal onto the scene and slowly lift the decal sheet off, making sure not to tear the decal (if you hadn’t done a good job rubbing it).
    Anybody remember these? Moreover, what were they called? These were similar to Colorforms but once you got the decal in place, you couldn’t take it back off again.

  8. Does anyone remember a probably late 70’s alien figure that came as a prize on the outside of a package of detergent. It had a long snout and spots. Trying to find one for someone special!

  9. Does anyone remember “Pop Cars” from the early ’70’s? We had one, it was red with peddles and the steering wheel was straight up. I have tried googling them but to no avail.

    • Hi There Melissa,
      My name is Peter Brose and my first paid job was demonstrating a ‘Pop Car’ in a department store in Sydney, Australia.
      Whilst it has been nothing more than a memory for many years , I googled ‘Pop Cars” tonight and found your post.
      So my job was to ‘drive’ the POP car around the toy department each Saturday morning. I think I sold…..well I am sure that I sold………….zero POP cars but I had enormous fun.
      What was your experience with the POP car?

      • Not the same thing but I can’t find any pictures of Sloppy Jalopy, a car that fell apart when it hit something,
        then you out it back together. I think it looked like an army jeep. Could possibly have come out just into the 80s. Can’t find it with search engines.

      • Peter, great to hear of your early experience with POP cars! My neighbour is clearing her attic and found her kids’ POP car and is looking for someone to sell/give it to. Do you know of any collectors/enthusiasts I could contact (or would you like a trip down memory lane – LOL) Jenni

    • Hi Melissa, I just replied to Peter’s message, but should have replied to you! My neighbour has a POP car that her children rode in the 70’s, it is an electric model!! She’s moving house and would like to pass it on to someone who would appreciate it or get it going again. There is no battery in it so not sure it works… Regards Jenni

      • Hi, Jenni:
        I sure hope you get this note! Not only do I remember the Pop Car, but I actually was in a commercial for it, waaaay back in the late 60’s, in Los Angeles, CA. A talent scout came to my pre-school and I was one of 2 boys that were selected to shoot the commercial. I had one that looked like a Corvette. That delighted me, because my father had a Corvette that was the same color! That was pretty cool for a 4-year-old and I parked my little car in the garage next to my father’s. If you have ANY information or any photos of your friend’s Pop Car, I would love to see it and know of its whereabouts. I can’t find any other information on the internet about that toy and that baffles me. After all, you can practically find anything on the web. Anyhow, I’m keeping my fingers crossed that you respond with some information. Thanks so much!


      • Jenni —

        My little brother had a POP car, and I soooo wished that I was small enough to ride it. He now has two young sons, so I would LOVE to give his family a little trip down memory lane.

        As I remember, the POP car my brother had was “futuristic”: it didn’t look like a real car, was made of ivory plastic, and the steering wheel was two steel rods set in a V with red (?) bulbs on top of each rod.

        If it is not against the site rules, could you get me in touch with your neighbor with the car.

        Or at the very least, can a picture be posted so that everyone can see the awesomeness that was the POP car!

        Thanks very much!!

  10. Hi, growing up in the 70’s toys seemed to be simpler and yet quite compelling. I had a toy that consisted of a couple of small guys riding tiny bikes with solid metal wheels racing around a track. They would complete their race down and they get carried back to the top of the track by a little conveyor belt. I have seen many duplicates of this concept over the past few years but was wondering what the original toy was called. Even an image would help me step back in time.

  11. Hi everyone. Don’t know if any one out here can help but I used to race my brother on a 8 lane plastic car racing game. There was 4 tracks on each side and the cars were plastic. We would have a spring that would flick up a marble and the marble would push the cars down the track. The first to get all of his 4 cars down would win. I sincerely hope someone know what it is and let me know what the game is called and if it’s available to buy. Thank you so much 🙂

    • Mate, looking for the EXACT same game. My thinking it was called stockcar something???? or the like. I used to play it at my mates place as a primary kid.

  12. Hi, I’m just wondering if anybody can remember the name of a toy I used to play with in the 1970s , it was a type of crash helmeted doll type thing with pull out arms and legs with a balancing wheel in the middle that you would push along the floor , so sorry to be so vague but I’m going on a very old memory …. Any help would be greatly appreciated.Thank you .

  13. I cannot find any information on the Big Ears Army dolls that I have. They are dressed in green fatigues, have plastic helmets, holding walkie talkies, balding men, about 7 inches tall and are mostly made of rubber. What can you tell me as far as what year, who made them and what value they may have?
    Thanks, Danny.

  14. I cannot find any information on my big ears army dolls. They are about 7 inches high, dressed in green fatigues, balding men, with helmets, walkie talkies, made mostly of rubber. Anyone know what year, who made them and do they have any value?

  15. The way I remember this toy, it looked like a black tire made of heavy plastic. Maybe a bit larger than 12″ tall and perhaps 8″ wide. It had batteries and would roll around until it bumped into something and would reverse itself and keep rolling. I thought it was called a Wacky Wheel, but maybe not. Would like to know who made it. I would love to find out more about it. And where I might find one to buy. Thanks.

  16. Does anyone know the name of the toy that was somewhat like colorforms except that you would scribble over the character, which were all on a semi-transparent sheet, and they would permanently stick to the cartoon background? I had a Scooby Doo one when I was a kid, can’t think of the name of them.

  17. Do you know anything about a wooden toy early 1900s it was a stick with a pin that held a leather string it had a cup attached too the string you put a ball in the cup and twirled it around and tried too keep the ball in the cup as you twirled.

  18. Does anyone remember a series of plastic stencil discs of cartoon characters. I remember I had on of Donald Duck, Wilma, and Betty. The discs had numbers around the outside edge and a bunch of numbered wiggly lines in the center. You would place the disc on paper and trace around the outer edge and make a mark. You would then line up the first number at the mark and look for the corresponding shape in the disc and color it in and repeat this for each number. After you completed each number you would have a drawing of a cartoon character

  19. Hi, I need some help! I’m trying to find a 70’s toy robot which I do not remember the name or origin of. I remember the one I had was part of a set of robots that were purchased individually, possibly 6 different models. They were highly detailed and mine had tracks similar to those that the robot in lost in space had. The packaging box the robot came in turned into a transport vehicle the robot would “drive” around in, powered by it’s tracks. It also had various interchangeable claws, if memory serves! Any help identifying this toy would be greatly appreciated!

  20. Crossfire was a great game. It had a gun on each end where you shot metal balls at a puck like obstacle in the middle you tried to score with.

  21. Hello! I could really use some help. I had a race car game in my childhood back in the mid 70’s. It has magnets on the cars to get them around the track and a gas pedal that I am pretty sure (if memory is serving me) went on the ground with a cord. Anyone know the name of this???

  22. Does anyone remember The Straw Mill from Cent Sable? it was a construction toy where you built things from plastic straws? I was wondering about another toy one where you cast cars from a plaster material, model car maker or somthing from DECCA or DEKKA or something…can’t remember Between 1977 and 1981. They gave you red molds and wheels and you cast the body of the car.

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