Austin A60 Driving School Car

Endless fun with the Austin A60 Driving School Car

For once i could actually drive the thing – for real!
This was such a novelty that out of all the cars i had, this would be prized the most.
These are quite rare to find these days and go for a good sum, this scarce model is a Corgi No: 236 for those who want a bit of technichal jargon.
Austin A60 Car

Austin A60 Driving School Car

These generally go for around £100 on ebay, so if you have one- you have a little treasure.
Thes Corgi cars were made in Great Britain from 1964 to 1968, though i have seen imitations on ebay in recent years, you can normally tell though at a quick glance.

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  1. I bought one of these on Ebay for €10 for my brother, it was for his 50th Birthday ….. it was his absolute favorite toy as a child ……. no box and not perfect, but in great condition ….. he cried when he opened the package …… it sits on his desk in his den now.

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