Austin A60 Driving School Car

Endless fun with the Austin A60 Driving School Car

For once i could actually drive the thing – for real!
This was such a novelty that out of all the cars i had, this would be prized the most.
These are quite rare to find these days and go for a good sum, this scarce model is a Corgi No: 236 for those who want a bit of technichal jargon.
Austin A60 Car

Austin A60 Driving School Car

These generally go for around £100 on ebay, so if you have one- you have a little treasure.
Thes Corgi cars were made in Great Britain from 1964 to 1968, though i have seen imitations on ebay in recent years, you can normally tell though at a quick glance.

3 thoughts on “Austin A60 Driving School Car

  1. I bought one of these on Ebay for €10 for my brother, it was for his 50th Birthday ….. it was his absolute favorite toy as a child ……. no box and not perfect, but in great condition ….. he cried when he opened the package …… it sits on his desk in his den now.

  2. When I was young, diecast were my favourite toy, by far. Mainly, Corgi. I had the blue but, also, the light green motor school Austin. I had many Corgis; they were donated, to the local hospital, when I was a teen; not my choice.

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