In the 1970’s a great panel detective type series took place on ITV called Whodunnit.Introduced with a pilot episode on August 15, 1972, Whodunnit? officially premiered on June 25, 1973, remaining on the air until 1978

It was introduced, and hosted, by John Pertwee and ran 3 seasons from the early to mid 1970’s. Patrick Mower and Liza Goddard were also among the regular members of the panel.

The rich voice over came from Wiliam Franklin


It was clearly stated each episode that “Only the murderer can lie”

Originally Edward Woodward hosted the first series. The concept was simple, a mini drama of 15 minutes takes place where clues and red herrings are left for you to pick up. the settings varied – i remember one taking place in a spaceship,of course Jon Pertwee being an ex Dr Who couldn’t help himself and putting his tongue in his cheek, Pertwee remarked: “In case you think, you’ve seen me here before, you haven’t. I never visited this place on my travels!”. So the settings were quite diverse from week to week.

You had to really concentrate to catch all the clues that are dropped in, it wasn’t always the butler or the maid! Once the sketch had finished with a murder then the cast were questioned by the Whodunnit panel.At the end of the questioning the Panel would make there decision and then John Pertwee would say the immortal words….Will The Real Whodunnit Please Stand Up?
“RELAXATION”, says Whodunnit’s Jon Pertwee is “riding a motor cycle, a bit of water-skiing, or a nice burn-up in the jet-boat. My wife thinks I’m demented.”For a man touching 60, Pertwee does seem a little on the hyper-energetic side. But his hankering after all kinds of athletic and mechanical excesses showed itself very early in life. During his early teens, for instance, he got carried away – quite literally – over a craze for motor cycles: his first ride on his father’s machine ended up with him going at high speed straight into a stone wall on the family estate!

From that inauspicious beginning Pertwee has graduated to racing cars, then go-karts, followed by more motor bikes, 10-speed bicycles, jet-boats and finally, in some sort of climax, to the Who-mobile. Viewers of Dr Who will probably remember the machine; it looked like a cross between a speedboat and a benevolent shark, but it won a permanent place in Pertwee’s affections. So much so that when he severed his connections with the series he took the Whomobile with him. Nowadays he uses it for the odd shopping jaunt around Barnes, Surrey, where he lives with his German wife, Ingeborg, and his two teenage children. He gleefully remarks how other road users in the area drive almost right off the road whenever he hoves into sight.

Pertwee looks like a cross between the Count Of Monte Cristo and Dan Dare. There’s something about the tattooed forearms, the hooked nose, and the wild, perpetually jet-streamed white hair that suggests both the classic romantic adventurer and the slightly silly comic-book hero. The similarities extend beyond mere physical appearance and his seemingly boundless energies; like some superannuated eternal child, Pertwee takes an obsessive interest in new gadgets and toys.

His town-house in London is littered with adding machines, rowing machines, an electronic treasure hunting machine for combing tropical beaches, tape recorders and stereo gear; but he’s not entirely chauvinistic in his pursuit or pleasure through the wonders of 20th century technology. Ingeborg’s kitchen hums, whirrs and whizzes with a multitude of automatic blenders, juicers, mincers, fruit-crushers and the like. “I have,” says Pertwee, “a perpetual need to be astonished.”


Such an adventurous, gadget-strewn existence does have its occupational hazards. Once, while water-skiing on the Hawkesbury River, near Sydney, Pertwee was challenged to a test of bravery (or stupidity) by some Ocker friends. With all involved being fairly well smashed on the picnic wine, Pertwee lashed his water-ski tow-rope onto a shark-spotting plane that someone had brought along for the party. He then took off behind the plane in an attempt on the “World Speed Record While Drunk on Skis.”

“We got to about 60mph,” he says, “and then we came to a bend in the river. At the same time the pilot hit an air pocket and shot straight up into the air. This presented a problem. Should I let go, and risk breaking every bone in my body, or should I hang on, take off, and take my chances on touching down on land around the bend? I chose the river, let go and bounced for about a mile. To my considerable surprise, I survived.”

All this may sound as if he is trying very hard to live up to someone, or something. And if there is any such person, Pertwee concedes, it is his writer father, the late Roland Pertwee.

“He was an overpowering man. As well as his acting and writing abilities he knew all sorts of quaint, unexpected things. He was a keen fisherman – he invented his own imitation fly, which is still sold commercially. I admired him intensely, but he was a lousy father. Rotten. He seemed to find it terribly difficult to show love.”

In some ways time has tempered the younger Pertwee’s impression of his famous dad. Once, Pertwee Snr indicated that the two little Pertwees (Jon and his brother Michael) should go on a fishing holiday to the family fishing hut, and that all lines, bait and other gear would be waiting for them there. On arrival, however, they found nothing – only the implements with which to make their own fishing gear. It is a lesson in survival that he claims never to have forgotten, however belated his appreciation.

His own theatrical career goes back to 1936 when he played in a production of Candida on Brighton pier. He has been in television since 1945, though since then he has spread his work fairly evenly between radio, television and the stage.

In this part of the world he was probably first known for his role in the crazy “left hand down a bit” world of radio’s The Navy Lark. Through the 60s he was also a regular in the Carry On films, and picked up cameo roles in such film milestones as One of Our Dinosaurs is Missing and Africana 2000. The big breakthrough, however, was his part as the second Dr Who in the long-running science fiction series.

Looking back over his career Pertwee says his favourite roles were that of Andrew in There’s a Girl in my Soup, a play which also carried him on tour to New York; and Lycus in A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum. He describes Whodunnit? variously as either “a real mind bender” or more practically as “my bread and butter”. The real purpose of the show, he says, only half jokingly, is to give him lots of useful ideas about how to murder his tax man.

But even after the tax man, has called, Pertwee still has enough for his, beloved machines and gadgets, along with two houses in England and a villa at Ibiza, on the Mediterranean, where he indulges another pet obsession – scuba diving.

“All actors are schizophrenic,” says Ingeborg, “but maybe Jon is more so than most. For an audience, or for people who he doesn’t know very well, he’ll still play the buccaneer. But though it sounds a little corny to say it, his real love is for his home and, his children. When he’s not ‘on’ he spends a lot of time at Ibiza, just sprawled in front of his TV set.”

Not a bad life. And the perpetually astonished and astonishing Mr Pertwee knows how to enjoy it, whether it’s scaring the daylights out of the good burghers of Surrey in his Whomobile or powering his jet-boat around in the Mediterranean sunshine. In one sense his manic cravings for speed, sun and thrills, and for the vicarious power that his gadgets provide may seem childish and a little shallow in a man of his years. But Pertwee lives by a more interesting moral – one that translates roughly as “with the right breaks, you don’t ever have to grow up”.

WHODUNNIT? TV1, Monday December 18, 8.20pm.


Jon Pertwee chairs the panel of “crime investigators” in the TV programme Whodunnit? Inset: The actor in his younger days cracks a funny for a radio programme.


WHICH WAY DID HE GO? (26/06/1978)
A DEAD CERT (12/06/1978)
INSTANT COFFEE (05/06/1978)
FINAL TRUMPET (22/05/1978)
A SAFE WAY TO DIE (15/05/1978)
A BAD SIGN (01/05/1978)
WHICH EYE, JACK? (10/04/1978)
The Q43 EXPERIMENT (18/07/1977)
NO HAPPY RETURNS (11/07/1977)
The VILLAGE FETE (04/07/1977)
The RAJAH’S RUBY (27/06/1977)
DEAD BALL (09/08/1976)
A DEADLY TAN (02/08/1976)
A BAD HABIT (26/07/1976)
FINAL VERDICT (19/07/1976)
TIME TO DYE (12/07/1976)
DEAD GRASS (28/06/1976)
BEWARE – WET PAINT (15/09/1975)
FLY ME, I’M DEAD (08/09/1975)
WORTH DYING FOR (01/09/1975)
TOO MANY COOKS (25/08/1975)
DEATH AT THE TOP (18/08/1975)
EVIDENCE OF DEATH (04/08/1975)
FINAL DRIVE (21/07/1975)
PORTRAIT IN BLACK (14/07/1975)
A PIECE OF CAKE (26/12/1974)
TEDDY BEARS’ PICNIC (29/07/1974)
The ART OF THEFT (22/07/1974)
GOODBYE SARGE (15/07/1974)
The FINAL CHAPTER (08/07/1974)
IT’S QUICKER BY TRAIN (01/07/1974)
The LAST ACT (24/06/1974)
HAPPY NEW YEAR (30/07/1973)
DEAD LIKENESS (23/07/1973)
KNIFE IN THE BACK (02/07/1973)
MISSING ON VOYAGE (25/06/1973)
WHODUNNIT? [PILOT] (15/08/1972)

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  1. the epsiode of series one was the pilot were in a study room
    the second was on a cruise ship the third one in a hunted house fourth was a fashion show number five was a factory number six was a twins trouble and the last one was 1899 that was edward last show so its goodbye to him.

  2. in the second series was jon s first story who was so great eh the second story with a train trouble with a murder in the yorkshire area what a classic did jon said about the doctor the third story was a army man was found dead there was on the panle was aimi mcdonland was sound betty boo rember odd really and jimmy jewel funny guy you dont get people doing that now days i dont know the number five story odd really number six was set in a art gallery there was joan collins oh realy the seventh was a murder at a party fancy dress really odd to think of it and there was a christmas one in 1974 where a man is dead after he was going to read about his will god it strange to steal a will well it was pertwee first year so fingers cross for series two dvd coming please.

  3. in series three it was time for two great people yes they were anouska hempel and partick mower they were followed jon that year for some reason they are great the first story er no story about the second i seen on youtube was final drive about a man who was drink driving and crashed to death in his car was the two couple odd with the handsaw the small thing what a great show and pertwee looks dandy in that story blue outfit i say the third story was a pop group and one of them is dead while they were playing and paula wilcox and richard o sullivan who were in man about the house anyone rember them two the fourth story was a lab with two clues a ring and a matchbox really odd but great have a guest was magnus pyke the egghead of them all but he was great of scince like albert the scince guy number five was two suitecases one is clothes the other was rubies this episode was got two people for the panle was jack smethurst and nina baden-semper who was in love thy neighbour remeber the song to it was so funny and nina was the first lady of the comdey show who playing barbie well that was the clue to them its amazing number six was a man found dead in is office as a goverment man seventh was a man is dead in freezer odd and someone did that spooky number eight was shooting happed with a dead rat yuck i hate rats but just didnt alive spooky number nine was on a plane to france or somewhere you know leslie crowther who was long before apper the game shows he was appered whodunnit a lot odd really he was great eh the last series three was a paint murder with no footprints odd i hope things are going to good for series three god bless jon you are the doctor dunnit.

  4. well series four its 35 years in 1976 when whodunnit was series four can you image well in the first story in 1976 was something about grass or something i could nt understand was all about but the lovey shiela hancock was back the second was a space station where a crime or murder did it you know what i mean and someone said pertwee was doing sound effects oh spacey get it the third was beauty place you know a hair dresser was on one of the website got that episode was funny pearl who used to be on radio with jon in the 1940s and i know she was lying to everbody about the death of blonde lady you know that was easy and jon pertwee funny ending voice what a classic he was doing the judge thing he was in the middle while the panle was on the right and the people to the left and he and anouska hemple look lovey very 1970s style i must say the fourth was a dinner party and everbody was dead well for some yes odd really with richard again and norman b who long time before emmerdale if you spot the clue and honer blackman she was pussycat lovey number five was like a church or something of a murder or thief the two people you see was yootha joyce and brian murthy who did george and milder you know number six was a tan shop i am sure was it and june whitfield was in that story as the panle what a lovey lady she never looked driffent eh and football match so its yeeha for the final series so its good to think pertwee s life would never forget god bless.

  5. well this series was the 5th one so its a happy birthday to it from 1977 well 35 years next year you mark my words well in the first one was something about a plant with the show was garth hunt who did the show before there was tessa wyatt she was tony blackman s wife so thats you know she was in robin s nest you dont see her eh and last one was jon s cousin bill you know dad s army the second was set in a villiage fate with the lovey kate williams she never look diffrent eh and the king of comdy alfred marks who followed jon s funny things oh dear naughty to him about jon said in final drive the third story was a cold case in 1950s what funny sence without a coat only a red shirt hands up i think it means i am the doctor that you didnt know eh the fourth was something about a spy or something and the last one was a treat is nick courtney playing peter hamshire who dancing with a dart in one of his tapping shoes great have nick for it so finger cross he ll be all right well bridger wake up please.

  6. well it was end of an era ahh well in the last series was something there patrick mower and the lovey liza goodard they did good series with jon the second was a cornish story going back in time i must say joanna lumley was lovey to look beautyful ahh thats nice the third was a police station ah i dont know if the policemen or why they were in that show since series one odd fourth was foutune teller was dead i love a photo on a magzine in doctor who for the remeber jon pertwee it was liza patrick and jon as he hold a crystal ball i think it was lovey eh and there was nerys huges she lovey eh doing the liver birds i wish they bring that show back eh happy days number five was a murder was at monte carlo number with the lovey lynsey de paul she very small ahh six was something rember jenny hanley in magpie if you didnt know eh she now putting the weight on looks diffrent eh the seventh was an oil rig someone was murder oh nasty in the eighth story one of my favs was a dead cert or date with death was a murder take a school there was paul darrow dress as a women got the wig off was a man that funny or what the guy with tash was taller that jon bimley giving jon in trouble and in the last bit about what he was doing he said i am going back to inpress of paul newman he going cross-eyed classic i must say boy how did that i just dont know classic i love that sence boy the 9th story was a photoshoot was a model was shot with a crossbow strange eh and the final one was a man who is dead from someone a drink or cigar but i think whodunnit was good with jon pertwee he was funny laughter of comdy i think king of whodunnit kind guy so its goodbye to them and me and dont forget dont drink or drive on the golf course goodbye god bless to mr. pertwee.

    • did you know janet brown in underneath the archers she was panle she died yeasterday so sad she was like miss. thather i am not kidding but its odd so i wonder any channles should show whodunnit series one to six please on chanllge all right then fingers cross in the furture.

    • well in series two no one got the first story the last act but i got it right was willy the costumes maker it was odd but he did got a chance to talk to the panle but if margret lockwood was nearly there about him so it was funny second story that we didnt see the suger in but it was a diffrent sence if you knew it and well done to sheila hancock she was won in 1974 she is so lovey eh while in story three jimmy saying a funny word poor pertwee his face wasnt happy about jimmy saying about jon s hair in story four billie whiteshaw was a lady of love with a red dress to win then in the art of thef jackie collins was the necklance was so cool like a bullet but she was a romance writer to get pertwee s blood boils in it and the final story alfred marks comdey remark about the ladies oh i think dawn is laughting about her comdey and watch out for the guy in colney in space as richard ducan and the second the guy who was in the day of the daleks as the police officer so keep an eye out thanks.

  7. i think jon was a best game host any one be like it would be good but no he is the king for god bless for jon pertwee he was any girl s dream god bless.

  8. i think any game host it would be jon i dont think any one is better than nothing but for jon he was a lovey guy to think about 15 years on they should remeber him good bless my doctor jon pertwee.

  9. i am sorry to hear the death of nick courtney who died yesterday it was so shocked to me i think he was good as the brig but for to looking to furture he would never forget and he think life is the army of banks great guy and he meets up his mates in clound three lets say that for sure to see jon and barry they were the best people to think of and thanks nick you are a star to be in unit god bless.

  10. this is come a shock that trevor bannister is dead its so sad he did a story called no happy returns in 1977 and he was great in are you ve been served so it so sad he was 76 and its so good to remeber that guy in the grace brothers and there is the film to remeber him by on next friday god bless trevor.

  11. i wonder where is season two where pertwee in the next dvd they should come or doing something please if us pertwee fans want series two he was top of the fun class i am not joking for sure and fingers cross.

  12. its good news that series two is coming on the 31 december i am really pleased for sure us pertwee fans are happy so its good to look back of jon he was the fab guy anyone who say he was the best i think he did great show so its ye-ha for the dvd i really cant wait and just image its 36 years that show in 1974 with pertwee in it well since edward morth into jon pertwee.

  13. well its changed date uts the 23 of may of course it does well i cant wait for it i am getting i am getting on amzons or what they called but i really cant wait yes it does.

  14. i ve saw a trailer of the network dvd of whodunnit and i saw it and what a great story and jon pertwee first story was fab with the big hair it was fab to looking to this series where the king of comdey is never forget so thanks pertwee you were the star of the 70s

  15. i got the second series and jon pertwee he was the king of laughs you know and well done to him light up and great outfit he had my word with the hairstyle so thanks to thames and network dvd thank very much and i wonder if they had a christmas story its odd but maybe they do it at the end what a guy did pertwee was so thanks to him so we wait to series three and miss hemles so i think there was love coming in series three get it jon pertwee plays cupit while patrick and anouksa were in love i think so thanks very much.

  16. did you know janet brown in underneath the archers well she died yeasterday i am sorry to hear but she looked like miss. thather i am not joking but please show whodunnit from series one to six or maybe when the dvd coming up please fingers cross thanks.

  17. i watch the dvd since wednesday and fab guy did the late henry cooper was the boxer of the show it proves that henry and jon were in the water rats if you dont know but they had a cheery days bimley but i think series three is on september its comes about five months but hope love was all laught for anouska and patrick they all talk for some reason and i wonder if there is that story christmas one where is it please or maybe they keep it for decmeber mark my word please thanks.

  18. no one is got right in the first story series two but it was willy the clothes dresser but if margret lockwood did got it right for sure she was near then the second story the winner was of course sheila hancock she is so lovey eh and in the third story was jimmy won but he said a funny word poor pertwee wasnt happy when jimmy saying about jon s hair i felt sorry for jon of course then the next story billie whiteshaw was lovey with a red dress to win then jackie collins was got a necklance was like a bullet as she was a romance writer getting pertwee s blood boils then in the last story alfred marks was funny remark about the ladies and dawn adams about the funny lady watch out for the guy who was in colney in space as richard duncan and the guy who was in the day of the daleks as the police officer thanks.

  19. i might say its two more months for the third series i can t wait as jon pertwee got a new lady for a game to play so i cant wait what jon says about the lady he likes something was got me why did dr. striker was name i just dont know but if jon would say about him as the doctor so fingers cross for series three.

  20. i ve got two thing first its jon pertwee s birthday if it would been and i think he was best kind man and i hope we missed him all these years second the hands up when he does that i think its for the letter w or i am the doctor something is odd but great guy so i hope he never forget who-london-nit

  21. i see something about jon pertwee outfit like saturday night fever someone says but boy it did got the ideal from the film and next series jon have diffrent outfits well i think his tie was on a bit but luckey he had a necklace to show his chest i might say he did wear much of ties if you remeber great guy plays cupit for series three with his harp with aimi mcdonland

  22. you know robert or bob cartland is dead well he played dective martins in a crime after fashion in series one episode three were a lady is dead on the office floor after she was shot if you knew that one he did doomwatch so he did doctor who in the 60s god bless mr. martin to solve this one.

  23. well there is bad new for us fans that network is doing a test care due from the fire so we hoping our dvd could come but in the mean time i hope whodunnit series three comes great stories eh i think these people love this show is well vanshied from the stock on the dvd so we wait untill october or september thanks.

  24. good news network dvd is back on so hope we are getting series three for whodunnit bring it on so here is the story of the episodes were a art stolen second was a man drink and died third was a pop group one of them is dead keep an eye for a young robert linsey this one fouth a lab crime story five a suitecase story six a goverment man story seven a chef found frozen story eight a shooting is going on story nine a plane mystery and the last one was a dead painter well that was 1975 for you thanks.

  25. well we still waiting for series three thanks to the last reply and i know this but leslie from the price is right yes was did two stories so he won on the story fly me i am dead then came back in the last story beware wet paint so you can image this story and series is funny when jon was in it i hope its on nov or october so please tell us we are dying for it thanks.

  26. hey you know the french website of garth hunt the one with the pink website they are have a video of an episode of time to dye sadly the video is tan of course but put your feet under the water and everything is going to be so fine.

  27. you know anne rider she did doctor woh in the 60s she did the episode the final chapter well its sady to be she died so she was look like judie dench think of it so i am sorry to see her go but it was nice to see her very lovey face she had and she was good in the third story funny comment from aimi about the age good sence but god bless anne rider slept tight.

  28. bad news i am afraid that dulice grey is dead yes i know she did howard s way byut she appered in dead likeness its so sad that the story of panle you know michel dennison alfred marks maurice gorging and edward all dead but thanks dulice you were great god bless.

  29. well its december but where it the dvd of the chirstmas whodunnit one where and how and we are still waiting for series three but we are going overboard for this one i hope thanks merry christmas xxx.

  30. he you lot there is a docment story of leslie crowther next wednesday so if you want to know he was on whodunnit i ust wish they get series three of the dvd please i wish thanks to the mermory of leslie crowther my good man thanks itv.

  31. yes we are champion here why did amzone put rate 18 no way its e if you wanted to know but bring it on on the 7 of may yee ha go pertwee your the king bring it on and love is the air for anouka and patrick ding ding for pertwee you are the king thanks.

  32. yee ha i saw the cover on the dvd of whodunnit well its a love triangle on jon anouska and patrick on whodunnit i just think love is cupit poor jon face on the cover groovy its on june the 4 so keep your eyes on them three i think we are going to be a love boat thanks play.com.

  33. well i know the episode but i cant wait for series three its great they did say on movil mail so hang on tight its the pertwee king going for miss hemple cool.

  34. hey you lot katy manning might pop on series three well that s a comedy for jon well he uses like her well i ll tell youhat hapened next.

  35. well i think pertwee saves the day i think he was playing cupit in series three i was allway think he and patrick s hairstyle god its like the same well thanks to network dvd well roll on series four well in the next series was a office in the murder a future in space a hairdressers a dinner party a tan shop a church and a football match well i think pertwee did a good job of his work thanks to him up in the whodunnit sky bless oh p.s. about the guy in worth dying for good sence from a bit of the saint thanks. xxx

  36. well i am so sorry for the death of victor spinnett the one who was the story er date with death well iam so sorry he was a funny guy and also for the pertwee fans caroline john bless her she was a lovey lady i felt unit is should be a good ending but now life isnt all good but god bless victor and caroline keep tied.xxx

  37. since i know the puzzle was jon said when a man goes to work everyday he press the button on the down lift when he comes back he knew the its a block of flats he is a miget i wonder well we still waiting for series four in the third story the pink shirt guy is doing the camp god bimley we need of series four please god thanks.

  38. yes its on next year for series four well i was wonder a new rule the for a viewer to win on the show i just dont know but i am really really smiling for 2013 i think its going to be a doctor jon whodunnit fab style to series four so keep watching.

  39. well there is no whodunnit on tv you know on challenge channle you know we should so it wasnt violent it was really a good show i wonder but they should do show i think next year should show it well next years is 40 years since the show was on well lets say for us pertwee fans doing the old say would the real whodunnits please stand up thanks xxx.

  40. i saw someone in whodunnit jon s wife ingeborg love lady she appered twice in final drive and beware-wet paint well she is so lovey luckey she is did a good print of jon s life in the new verison of moonboots and dinnersuits beautyful lady i wonder why we dont have very much photos of her love wife he married thanks whodunnit xxx.

  41. jon pertwee weared a new outfit in 1976 well since why did he had the blue outfit and night fever well some people did worked with jon but the glasses was funny good sence where leslie crowther doing a bit a joke says dear jon smile wonder sence well we wait for series four well they changed the date oh well but i was really cant wait three whodunnits dvd to go yee ha well in 1977 two the first episode have nt got names please well me i know who is the mystery but we find out for our dvds thanks.

  42. hello and afternoo the dawn is the pertwee series five yes for his work on whodunnit this is going to be a bang for whodunnit keep an eye for series six i am doing a spoof for whodunnit this time new world well this would be a good one to the new geration whodunnit 2013 yes xxx

  43. bad news frank thornton died bless he did good in nothing to declare 1975 so sad funny sence where pertwee said are you free mr. hardly great sketch they wouldnt forget that word but thanks frank in whodunnit i dont know why but bless him next week is whodunnit series 4 thanks very much.

  44. well i ve got it well i tell you some home truth was the stars the first was two faces savid lodge who played stan used to be on emmerdale as seth i you dont remeber why but i did good herrings carol hawkings who still us with the good story as vera beautyful she remind me judy glesson weird another face the lady who played judy in series two was back the late bernard horsfall did a good policeman how taller than anyone see with their pertwee hair good choice pertwee you did comedy about the age yeah right for anyone he was 56 but then he was 57 the guy who played you know who later did the japan man then comdey perl in the story with a pertwee person to say about irene classic then we had michael ward in the next with christhoper beeny and stephen yardley but if you here the b word naughty first word then we had another comedy joe lynch isnt himself he played amercian man and that 15 year old boy is the first to solve it and then we had a tan thing jon was really cleaver doing the goggle sence ending doing the invisible man and the last well a pub for jon in this one called dead ball jon pertwee you were the best cant wait for series five things only get better xxx

  45. i am so sorry to here since bernard horsfall died last month great tall actor and aubry woods died but that story teddy bears picnic was funny he did the clown one then before whodunnit he work with jon in day of the daleks well sleep tight thanks for comdey well we still wait series five and six. xxx

  46. since last monday it was jon pertwee s life then today its bill its so tragic they died in diffrent years but i know how i felt sorry for ingeborg sean and dariel i am really sorry to hear that but take care and also bill appered in whodunnit story the rajhi ruby in 1977 so sleep tight pertwees wouldnt forget xxx.

  47. well we wait for the series five nothing yet i just hope they come out please network i am waiting and also i am sorry to here that lynda bennigham have cancer i am really felt sorry for her she is so a twister to spin in faith in the future but god bless since dead ball that she was on good actress please becarful lynda thanks xxxx.

  48. bad news kristhoper kum the one who played fu peng in doctor who and appered on whodunnit died i am so sory about him he was really the funny man on tv i just so sorry to hear thanks kris goodbye xxx.

  49. i am really shocked that kata o maya died today well she did two whodunnits they should get the dvds for the memory of her where is series five and six we are still waiting since 2012 they should but in the photo of she on jon s lap was so magical an she was the panle in 1977 so i was knew the end of the era for her was magical she also did doctor who in 1993 is so lovey goodbye kate for the sailing which eye jack xxx.

  50. i am so sad we lost three people lynda bennjham died in november what a good lady in 1976
    the other one was billie whitelaw died this month she was great in 1974
    and we sadly goodbye the creator of writting jeremy loydd who died today what a writer who did good but i am please whodunnit dvds next year is might come and 2016 so goodbye to three great people goodbye xxxx

  51. good news since monday whodunnit the series 5 is on thanks god we waiting since 2012 so why and how its only one more thats it good cupit stories to tell but i just wanna to find out what was the two stories in the begining of series 5 i wanna name please and who was the guest on the first or second but thanks anyway nextwork simply the best xxx.

  52. newsflash as i tell you three things the late shaw taylor who work on whounnit died on sunday great bloke who work on the box years ago and on whounnit if anyone remebers bless rip shaw keep em peel as he say the second what was the two episodes in the fifth series of whodunnit i havent found no name in the first two of 1977 while the new cover on whodunnit series five is lovey there is more and fun in the sun for whodunnit and i hope the last one is going to be a love story or love is in the air in 1978 i hope thankss xxx

    • I vaguely remembered this from my childhood. I bought the first four some time ago and me and the kids really loved playing it. Watch till before the ‘announcement’ and then select our own ‘quick clip’ before having a guess each. Brilliant family fun and well worth all that palaver. We have been waiting so long for the 5th series, never thought it was coming. What great news!

  53. good tv dvd it was got today well its really a quick fast pace for jon but that was 5 stories i just cant wait in the next story in series six the last one well it would be a love story i wonder why with jon and anna dawson there was eye for an eye sences coming in 1978 thanks network xxxx

  54. good series five the outfits were funny as jon wear bright red in epsiode 3 classic well i think series 3 is might be in 2016 12 stories classic or what it might be the 20 years the next year of jon s memory bless i hope anyone knew series 6 is going to be a tearjerking xxx.

  55. sad news jackie collins has died age of 77 wonderful women she was so good in the whodunnit epsiode she and jon was so fun in the stories but sadly there is more time than remeber but the necklace she worn was so fun while the outfits was stright lace wonderful jackie r.i.p xxx

  56. well since we lost gordon honeycomb he was the first man who did the news on whodunnit what a surprised in dead ball episode so r.i.p well we waiting the final i was wonder what is happened next in the last one fun and games to know but i hope they got photos from the series they do on other tv shows well its nearly 20 years since jon s death next year so we might know what happened on whodunnit thanks for the series of the gang and others i ll tell you next year xxxx.

  57. well sad to say nicholas smith who was in series one in the knife in the back in 1973 then anthony valetine died so they were now gone but rip bless them well done there series does go one without the best people you see thanks nicholas smith and anthony valetine god bless rip xxx

  58. poor sir terry wogan just died he did the story in the rajah ruby in 1977 wonderful man who help everyone celebrity like god but bless terry its so sad is coming but r.i.p terry bless his soul doing blankty blank thanks radio guy. xxx



  61. sad to say roy barrclough has died sad its really sad at the 1973 story you saw wonderful quite sound eh rip roy no news yet for series 6 I hope its this year god bless our souls xxx.


  63. sad news rosemary leach is pass on bless her in the story in beware wet paint lovey lady I don’t know why the story in 1975 but boy lovey lady and a gentle flower r.i.p rosemary. x

  64. well its the end I haven’t got the dvd yet there is plenty who stars including Bernard holly played axos man john hollis played the scince in the mutants chris bemjam played keith gold in inferno wonder life we live in sad to say about roy barraclough and Rodney brews pass on so many guest is going bless thanks and happy xmas new year goodbye x

  65. another sad news since Katie boyle gone two weeks ago bill Maynard is sadly passed on bless these two Jon would meet bill in heaven they were a smash pair place the whodunit in the jigsaw friends they were r.i.p Katie and bill god bless whodunit x.


  67. another lady you know sandy Radcliff died last month or so who played rikki the story of fly me I am dead so sad she was once eastneders as sue tragic life 70 years old she was rip sandy xxx

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