The Johnny Andrews Show

The Johnny Andrews Show reviewed and remembered by Kevin Butler
Local: WOR TV Ch.9 NYC
Weekday mornings: Monday October 1,1962-Friday December 29, 1962.
Host/Performer: Johnny Andrews
Puppeteers: Paul Ashley and Chuck McCann

Following his brief stint with WRCA TV Ch.4 NYC’s “Family”..Singer/musician and storyteller Johnny Andrews would host this weekday morning program for kids on WOR TV Ch.9.He would engage his viewers in songs,music,stories,games, informational segments and interviews with guest performers and personalities..while he also performed some comedic banter with The Paul Ashley Puppets.

The Johnny Andrews Show Picture

The Johnny Andrews Show

The series also featured reruns of the 1949 B&W “Crusader Rabbit”tv cartoons.

Mr.Andrews’ WOR TV would be seen weekday mornings from Monday October 1,1961..until the heads of Ch.9 ended Mr.Andrews tv concerts for children following the Friday December 1,1962 broadcast.

After hosting his last NYC based kids tv series..Johnny Andrews would become a cocktail lounge pianist for “The Monkey Bar”in NYC..his tv apperances were limited to guest appearances on shows like”Captain Kangaroo”.

Johnny Andrews’ last project was being interviewed for a book about radio personalities.

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