Cartoons of the 90sThe 90s  Two stupid dogs were massic in the 90s as was The Simpsons and Beavis and Butthead, Ren and Stimpy, angry beavers, attack of the killer tomatoes…
Cartoons of the 80sThe 80s The Eighties were full of cartoon animations including The Flumps, Jonny Quest, Captain Caveman, Defenders of the Earth and Jamie and his magic Torch…
Cartoons of the 70sThe 70s  You can’t imagine the seventies without Scooby Doo Where Are You? or The Pink Panther or Top Cat. From The Hair Bear Bunch to Hong Kong Phooey
Cartoons of the 60sThe 60s  From the historical Flinstones or the futuristic Jetsons the sixties were full of Hannah Barbera cartoons. Other 1960s cartoon shows included Deputy Dawg…
Cartoons of the 50sThe 50s  Who could forget the popularity Felix the cat cartoons, or Snagglepuss, The Yogi Bear Show, The Rocky And Bullwinkle Show, The Huckleberry Hound Show…

Scooby Doo Underscore – Where are You?

Scooby Doo Background Underscore

Searching for the Scooby Doo background music has been a project and a half. I notice that like me, the internet is full of retro cartoon fans wondering why Hannah Barbera have never released the great background music from the … Continue reading


Year of 1961

1961 was a year that saw congress approve the Peace Corps as a permanent federal agency within the State Department, and Kennedy signed the legislation on September 22. If you were going to school you may well of had a Pets and Pals metal … Continue reading

Mr Men books

Mr Men Books

Question: So who was the first Mr Men character – Answer : Mr. Tickle Yes it all started with Mr Tickle. The reason it came about was his son asked him to draw a tickle. Sales over 100 million worldwide … Continue reading

Janet and John or Alice and Gerry?

Janet and John books

Many kids were brought up on Janet and John You could say the old-fashioned way, but was it the best way Innocence really did exist in these days. Mabel O’Donnell and Rona Munro from New Zealand, and published by Row … Continue reading


1964 Nostalgic Year

1964 was a leap year that saw Martin Luther King, Jr receives the Nobel Peace Prize, James Bond released his third outing with Goldfinger along with all the merchandise and comedian Harry Hill was born in 1964. The Summer Olympics were held in … Continue reading