Scooby Doo Underscore – Where are You?

Searching for the Scooby Doo background music has been a project and a half.

I notice that like me, the internet is full of retro cartoon fans wondering why Hannah Barbera have never released the great background music from the early 70s Scooby doo episodes.

We are not talking about the Scooby Doo theme tune as this is widely available, im refering to the background music that is often heard in the middle of an episode. It apears there are several, but one stands out and is normally the tune played when they discover a vital clue or Thelma starts to explain something to the gang.

One fan asks “Where Can I Get The Background Music From Classic Scooby Doo?” on Yahoo! Answers and the only answer is itunes. Talk about no answers!

Scooby Doo Background Underscore

Scooby Doo Underscore - Where are You?

I’ve approached this a real project as it appears it just doesn’t exist. There is a great Hanna Barbera sound CD collection and a release of many of the classic Hanna Barbera cartoon titles including Scooby Doo and Top Cat. It became clear that it’s known as an “Underscore” not “Background music” as the definition of an underscore is Music that provides emotional or atmospheric background to the primary dialog or narration onscreen.

Some progress – it’s an underscore!

So some progress was made as at least i now know that I’m looking for Scooby Doo underscore tune from the 70′s

I then decided to hunt on your tube using this search term but it appears once again, no one has it. One person spoke of giving their rand hand to get the background music.

Personally I think it would make an awesome ringitone on my phone.

I noticed that there are many episodes on youtube, so i suppose i’m at the point where i now ask if there is anyone out there who knows what this underscore is called. Whether it has ever been made avaialble to download. Who produced it etc.

Meanwhile enjoy listening to it on this episode
You will need to go to 8:39 mins to hear the underscore i’m trying to identify

27 thoughts on “Scooby Doo Underscore – Where are You?

  1. I only know that this underscore was composed by Ted Nichols.
    There isn’t any feed anywhere about where we could find it, I’ve searched for it many times. The underscore was remixed in the movie “Scooby doo and the Legend of the Vampire”.

    • Thanks Forster
      I’ll see if i can locate the remixed underscore in the movie “Scooby doo and the Legend of the Vampire”.
      You don’t happen to know which part of the movie by any chance?

  2. Hey Skooldays,

    I have a collection of 46 cues from the original Penelope Pitstop/Scooby Doo Where Are You 1969 scoring sessions. Your original youtube link is dead so I can’t verify, but I’m pretty sure this is what you’re looking for; it’s a stupendous collection.

    Send me an email and I’ll send you a link.
    Dan D.

  3. Hi Dan, I know this is a late follow-up but I too have been looking for the original Scooby Doo score for ages, and my latest search has brought me here. In the chance that you happen to see this message, would you mind sending the collection my way? To say I’d be grateful would be a huge understatement. Thank you! -John (

  4. Hey,

    If anyone has these cues and is willing to send them to me, I’d be stoked. I’ve been looking for them for years and it’d be great to hear them isolated w/o kooky sound fx. They greatly informed my childhood and still haunt me today! :)

  5. Hi Dan – and anyone else who has them – I too would love to hear the music cues without sound effects and speech on top of them. Older cartoons like Scooby Doo had such care put into them, with real studio musicians. Yes, the music cues were repeated ad nauseum, but they were of sufficient quality that one did not tire of hearing them.

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