Tupperware Busy Blocks had 26 hinged A to Z alphabet blocks each made in yellow, red or blue. The blocks have a capital and a small letter on one side, a picture that represents the letter on another side, 2 sides with “puzzle patterns” and 2 sides with diagnal stripes.

“Tupperware Busy Blocks were for educational fun” according to the marketing package.

They were supposedly to help kids learn the alphabet and at the same time learn building and construction techniques. All I know id if someone through one at you, it took a chunk out your head, they were really hard!

There were also 26 green plastic figures which correspond to the pictures on the blocks and representing each letter of the alphabet (Airport, Boat, Camel, Dog, Elephant, Fox, Giraffe, Horse, Indian, Jeep, Kangaroo, Lion, Monkey, Nurse, Owl, Pig, Queen, Rabbit, Seal, Train, Unicorn, Violin, Whale, Xylophone, Yacht, and Zebra).


Busy Blocks with the animals in them

According to the back of the box: BUSY-BLOCKS by Tupperware bring an exciting new world of fun and education to children of all ages. As the child grows, so do the play and educational features. Stacking blocks, mini toys, puzzle patterns and the alphabet, from A to Z, make BUSY-BLOCKS a toy that can be enjoyed over and over as the child grows. Each block opens and closes to store the alphabet toy pictured on the block, so children learn and enjoy while they play. And, the unique puzzle patterns let children use and develop their imagination and creativity. BUSY-BLOCKS is another fine toy from Tupperware… where quality is a matter of pride.

Anyone else remember these, I only recall them as my younger sisters loved them, if only they could learn not to throw them on an unsuspecting brothers head!

20 thoughts on “Busy-Blocks

  1. I need a set of Busy Blocks for an invention I’m working on. Looks as if everyone here loves their set, but on the outside chance that someone has no deep emotional attachment to their Busy Blocks, WANNA SELL THEM TO ME? : )
    Just asking,
    Bruce Ratcliffe, Fresno

  2. Looking for the lion figurine, and the blocks for A, P, T, and U. I want to make my set a full set. It is my set from when I was little. I used to play in the tub with them!

    • Sorry all my A blocks were thrown out with the B to Z blocks
      But keep this bookmarked as we have had several members in the end find what they were after

      Can anyone else help Fred with an A block?

  3. I have just been clearing out the loft and found a set of busy blocks that belonged to my children. Unfortunately the A and I blocks were missing and also the little green train. If anyone has these I would love to hear from you as I am expecting a new grandchild and would love to complete the set for either her or him

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