Cartoons in the 80s

Cartoons in the 80s

In the 1980s you were treated to repeats of all the usual classics like Road Runner, Tom and Jerry, Wacky Races, Jonny Quest, Captain Caveman, Defenders of the Earth and Rainbow Brite. No excuses there were an avalanche of great cartoon animation in the eighties.

2 thoughts on “Cartoons in the 80s

  1. Dear,Skooldays
    I.loved the cartoons from the 70’s & my favorite cartoons are all 10 of them by. Filmation,&
    Hanna-Barbera,inc liked. Cattanooga Cats,Hardy Boys
    Gilligan, Fat Albert, Batman, Harlem Globetrotters
    Flash Gordon,Scooby Doo, Waldo Kitty,
    Return To The Planet Of The Apes,
    The Pink Panther Comedy Show,
    The Oddball Couple,Here Comes The Grump,
    Mr Magoo, The New Archie & Sabrina Hour,
    Shazam! Hero High, Tarzan, Tom & Jerry
    Jackson Five, The Osmonds, The Monkees
    The Beatles, KId & Play, Abbott & Costello,
    The Super Six, Journey To The Center Of The Earth,
    Fantastic Voyage, H.,R Pufnstuf,Lidsville,
    My Favorite Martian, Mission: Magic Starring
    Rick Springfield
    And all the cartoons I grewed up in the 70’s.
    And I enjoy it.Signed

  2. Hands down, no lie, the 60s had great cartoons, The original Adventures of Jonny Quest ( artwork of Alex Toth [genius!] ) , and the original Space Ghost are just 2 examples. After the 60s ended, the cheddar factor

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