BBC Playschool

The presenters of Playschool included:

  • Toni Arthur
  • Johnny Ball
  • Floella Benjamin
  • Brian Cant
  • Derek Griffiths
  • David Hargreaves
  • Fred Harris
  • Colin Jeavons
Playschool ran from the mid 1960s to the 1980s. For many children my age before you went to school you got to learn some of the basics from Playschool.
BBC Playschool

BBC Playschool Toys

Humpty, the two Teds, Jemima and Poppy, the doll that replaced Hamble in the 1980s, now reside in comfort at the National Media Museum in Bradford. Although they aren’t currently on display, fans can make an appointment to see them at Insight – the museum’s Collections and Research Centre.

Watching with your Mother/Father you got to learn about imagination, stories, playing, colours, numbers etc. It was a sad day when this show was cancelled because it was like cancelling your childhood.

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