I was a massive fan of yesterday land and now its amazing sequel
As a fan, I spent well over a year rescuing a lot of the old content to make sure their great work wasn’t lost forever.

I’m led to believe the archived content now belongs to since Yesterdayland was disolved.

If you feel any of this content should be removed please contact me with details.

15 thoughts on “Credits

  1. I really enjoyed perusing your blog and reading some of the posts. I wanted to be sure to extend an invitation to stop by RetroDaze some time and possibly even contribute with some articles or discussion. Whatever your fancy. Thank you for your time.

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  3. I competed as a 15 year old boy on the games show Way Out Games in 1976 – 1977. I represented the state of OK and would like to have a copy of the show when we competed. I would like to show my family and keep it for memories. Any help would be appreciated and would pay for this. Regards, Kent Sawyers

  4. Saturdays’ 1980s “Thundarr The Barbarian” needs Release History updated to 10/04/1980-12/27/1980 ABC and 09/12/1981-10/31/1981 ABC. Why wasn’t Black Sabbath, Blue Oyster Cult, Led Zeppelin and Ted Nugent under 1970s Pop Music (heavy metal) as well as ZZ Top as Southern (1970s Pop Music).

  5. I discovered your web site while researching the 1959 Dennis the Menace television program. In your “Synopsis of TV Show” remarks, you state “The cast remained pretty consistent throughout the show’s run except for the character of Mr. Wilson.” I believe you left out the change of another regular character. When the Mr. Wilson character was replaced, the Mrs. Wilson character also was replaced. And according to the International Movie Database web site, the original Mrs. Wilson (Sylvia Field) appeared in 90 episodes and the second Mrs. Wilson (Sara Seeger) appeared in 36 episodes. Therefore, since the Mrs. Wilson character appears in 126 of the 146 total number of episodes, I believe that this change of the Mrs. Wilson character should also be included in your remarks.

  6. Hanna barberA production
    Mickey mouse Sailors of The whalers the whalers is a cartoon produced by company hanna barberA walt disney and Mickey mouse as RUGSY the sailors whalers Donald duck Arnold sailors whalers goofy GoOFER sailor of the whalers are whaling boat builders tugboat Mickey set sail misadventure scooby scrappy doo hong kong phooey Wow blow me down it’s time for RugSy the sailors of the whalers puppy sailors power captain greedEr I hates chipmunks hates chip Dale hates chipmunks rescue rangers. No hating boat builders tugboat Mickey sandwich makers goofy is swept away with puppy sailors power when he becomes the captain of submarine sandwich shop cooperation and friendship are essential for running a tight ship.

  7. Hello!

    Great Information you have provided on your website! Im doing a paper about Popular Games in the Medieval Times and was wondering if you could tell me and Publishers, Contributors or even what the date was when that article was published. Thank you so much!

  8. Hello!

    I loved the article on “TiddleyWinks” I’m writing a paper for my college history class and would love to include you in my bibliography, could you please provide me with…
    -The Date the article was publicized
    -Who Contributed
    -Any Sponsors

    Thank you so much! I look forward to hearing back from you!

  9. Channel 5 had the WABD call letters before it was WNEW-TV. On the one Sandy Becker excerpt I have, the first screen says “WABD Presents”.

  10. Hi–

    Just wanted to reach out and let you know I got quite the kick out of seeing your listing for the “All Dogs Go to Heaven” lunchbox and thermos combination.

    My very small company (we like staying under the radar) designed and manufactured this item under contract to MGM Home Video in support of the release of this film on home video. We’ve been the driving promotional force behind many fave-franchises including our 23 years powering the respective warp drives for the various Star Trek TV series, movies and theme park franchises.

    If you were lucky enough to get one of these lunchboxes (they sold out incredibly fast)… it was shrunk-wrapped with a copy of the ADGTH video on VHS.

    Feel free to take a look on the bottom of the box…

    Thanks again for featuring it!

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