Toys in the 60s

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Toys in the 60s
Hasbro responds to Barbie with G.I. Joe, the world’s first “Action Figure.” NASA’s high-profile space race inspires a constellation of new toys, with Major Matt Mason and Billy Blastoff leading the way. The Hoppity Hop bounces onto the scene, Nerf lets kids play ball in the house, Hot Wheels take off, Super Balls soar, and the Easy-Bake Oven revolutionizes the term “Playing house.”

A Aggravation
Air Blaster Gun
Ants in the Pants
Army Men

B Barbie
Barrel of Monkeys
Battling Tops
BB guns
Big Wheel
Billy Blastoff

C Candy Land
Cap Guns
Captain Action
Chatty Cathy
Chinese Checkers
Chutes and Ladders
Colorform Aliens
Corgi Die Cast Vehicles
Crayola Crayons
Creepy Crawlers

D Daniel Boone
Don’t Break the Ice

E Easy-Bake Oven
Electric Football
Erector set
Ertl Die-Cast Toys

F Fisher-Price Little People
Foto-Electric Football

G G.I. Joe (60’s, 70’s)
Give-A-Show Projector

H Hats Off
Hi-Ho! Cherry-O
Hoppity Hop
Hot Potato
Hot Wheels
Hula Hoop

J Jacks
Jacob’s Ladder
Johnny Eagle
Johnny West
Johnson Smith Company

K Ker Plunk
Kiddie Record Players

L Labyrinth
Lawn Darts
Lie Detector
Lincoln Logs
Lionel Trains

M Mad Libs
Mad Magazine Game
Magic 8 Ball
Major Matt Mason
Memory Game
Mickey Mouse
Mille Bornes
Monster Magnet
Mouse Trap
Mr. Machine
Mr. Potato Head
Mystery Date

N Nerf

O Operation

P Parcheesi
Pick Up Sticks
Pogo Stick

R Radio Flyer wagon
Raggedy Ann
Remote Control Cars
Rock’em Sock’em Robots

S Scrabble
Sea Monkeys
Secret Sam Spy Toys
See ‘n Say
Silly Putty
Silly String
Slip ‘N Slide
Slot Racers
Sno-Cone Machines
Super Ball

T Tammy
Teddy Bears
Tinker Toys
Tonka Trucks
Toss Across

U Uncle Milton’s Ant Farm
Upsy Downsy Baby

V View-Master

W Whee-Lo

Y Yahtzee

Z Zillion Bubble Blower

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30 thoughts on “Toys in the 60s

  1. Hi…

    As a kid growing up in the late 50’s and early 60’s, I remember a plastic toy kit which had lots of pieces which snapped togeather to make things like animals etc. Parts consisted of bodies, feet, heads etc. I think the majority of the connecting pieces were male / female snap in with the joints allowing flexibility through design. The major colour used was yellow.

    I am interested if any reader may know the type of toy I am trying to describe…….and a long shot if any exist for sale some place.

    Thanks for any help.


      • Having read some of the comments farther down, I feel a little foolish. Clearly, I am not alone in remembering Shapees…

    • In the 60s, I had a building set similar to what you describe. The pieces were various geometric shapes molded in different colors of plastic. The edges of each shape were double-grooved (two channels), allowing pieces to “clip” together, slightly overlapping edge-to-edge; the pieces also had a single “tab” on one face/side and double tab on the other, allowing pieces to clip together edge-to-face as well as face-to-face. The name of the toy was, I believe, Shapees.

  2. I am hoping to find an Ohio Art toy electric oven. It is white with 2 oven doors and a stove on top. Would like to get an approx. value for this item.
    Dated on back Ohio Art
    Thank you

  3. I am wondering does anyone remember Remus play kits and Katie copy cat and poochie the dog does anyone no where you can buy any of these on the internet

    • YES!! I loved them! I have been trying to find anyone who remembers them. Somehow I remember them being spelled “Shapees”, but memory fades with age…

      • Wow!!! Thanks — everyone else thought i was crazy! You could be right on the spelling – I really don’t remember that part.

        • They are spelled Shapees. I still have mine, along with the original box. I loved them when I was a kid. I would be happy to post a photo, but I don’t think there is a way to do that. The (plastic) pieces came in different colors for the different shapes. The box has photos of figures that you can make with the pieces.

  4. I’m looking for a old, plastic cast model of a man on a fire escape. Not very big, maybe 7 or 8 inches high, all black. The model is of a brick building wall, fire escape and man who looks like a (secret agent man) climbing on the escape.  The model stands up. 

    Do know of this toy model? 

    Sent from my iPad

  5. I remember a trike similar to the big wheel. I thought they were called the X-19, but can’t find any pics on the internet. It was silver blue and had a larger wheel in the front. Two smaller wheels in the back and was steered by a stick that was placed in front of the seat, like an aircraft.
    Maybe it was just a dream…

  6. I wonder if anybody knows the name of that talking airport tower from the late 60s that came with a handful of 5 inch colored records. Each one had different ATC messages on it and you tilted the tower part back on its hinges to get at the phonograph part to change records. Completely acoustic – the mechanism was the same as in a Mattel o Phone

  7. Does anyone remember a small plastic ball with glow juice in it that glowed in the dark… I think it was called a glo ball. It was around 4-5inches if I remember correctly.

  8. I’m trying to find a game. You place various colored and numbered cups in a pattern on the floor and you balance on them while picking up the cups in order. Any help?

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