Monster Magnet

Monster Magnet

Synopsis of Toy

Add the word “monster” to just about anything, and it suddenly becomes cool—“No, it’s MONSTER broccoli,” “But these are your MONSTER church slacks,” “Are you ready for MONSTER long division?”—but it helps if the thing is already pretty cool to begin with. Such was the case with Wham-O’s 1964 monsterpiece, the Monster Magnet, which fused the power of the monster with the power of magnetic energy.

To the casual observer, there wasn’t really anything extraordinary about Monster Magnet. It came in the form of a scary, genie-looking fellow molded out of red plastic. His gaping, evil mouth was your handle, and the magnets were housed inside his oversized fists. One armband proudly proclaimed this the “Monster Magnet,” while the other let you know that the Wham-O name was behind this attractive little beast.

But what those casual observers failed to realize was that the minute you picked that molded plastic body up, you held in your hands the power of a monster! Watch him pick up this pile of BB’s with ease! See the monster stick to the side of the oven with no visible support! Hidden under the kitchen table, the monster can move quarters on top of the table! Magic? No, my friends—just a little monster magnetism.

Okay, so it was just a magnet, but it was the fiercest-looking magnet you’ll ever see in your life, bucko. Monster Magnet was a favorite of many a young horror fan, including a few who grew up to form the heavy metal band Monster Magnet in the 1990’s. The magnet itself made a comeback in the 90’s after years of being discontinued, now dubbed the “Super Gorilla Magnet.” While the name might not be as universally cool as the original (no kid is going to be fooled by Super Gorilla church slacks), the magnet is as powerful and scary-looking as ever, still harnessing the beast that is magnetic energy.

Release History of Toy

1964 - Monster Magnet
1999 - Super Gorilla Magnet

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