Muhammad Ali

Muhammad Ali

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From Joe Namath to Reggie Jackson, the 1970’s boasted plenty of athletes whose charm and sense of cool propelled them to superstar status. The king of this trend was Muhammad Ali, a legendary boxer whom many consider to be the definitive superstar athlete of the 1970’s. Between his magnificent feats of pugilistic skill in the ring and his amazing ability to speak in flowing rhymes, this sports legend was truly larger than life. Thus, it was inevitable that he would inspire tons of merchandise, including Mego’s Muhammad Ali action figure.

Like the man himself, the Muhammad Ali action figure was regal and imposing all at once. It was nine inches tall and made of rubber with movable joints that were covered by soft rubber. It sported a sculpted, muscular body that was draped in a pair of Everlast boxing trunks, a silky white robe and a pair of white boots. It also boasted a bright red boxing glove on each hand and a helmet for training sessions. The coolest feature on the Muhammad Ali figure was its capacity for “boxing action.” This was achieved by plugging a special trigger into its back that would cause the figure’s plastic arms to punch when it was pressed.

Mego also produced a Boxing Ring playset for the Muhammad Ali figure. This impressive replica of a boxing ring came complete with realistic touches like stools, buckets, bottles, helmets and a working bell to ring the boxers in and out of rounds. The set also boasted an opponent figure for Ali to square off against. Legend has it that the opponent figure was designed to resemble one of Ali’s real-life opponents, Ken Norton. Other opponent figures, including “Battling Ben” and “Lightning Lefty, The Carrot Kid,” made it to the prototype stage but were never commercially released.

Today, the Muhammad Ali figure remains popular with toy collectors and Ali fans alike for its handsome design and fun features. It also commands a high price among collectors, as does the Boxing Ring playset. When one works the “Boxing Action” on one of these figures, it’s easy to understand why it remains so popular: this was a toy that truly allowed its user to “float like a butterfly” and “sting like a bee.”

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1976 - Muhammad Ali

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