Fashion of the 90sThe 90s A little something for everyone. Depressed? It always rains in the grungeworld of flannels and army surplus . Angry? Let it out, you riot grrrl 
Fashion of the 80sThe 80s The tide comes in as a new wave washes away the fashion debris left bydisco Neon is the newest color of the rainbow, designers get crazy
Fashion of the 70sThe 70s Jeans get tighter, bikinis get smaller, tube socks get higher, afros gets bigger and colors get brighter. It’s all about spreading the plumage
Fashion of the 60sThe 60s From the Jackie Kennedy’s proper A-line and pillbox hat to Beatlemania mop tops , from space age styles to hippies with long hair 
Fashion of the 50sThe 50s The teenage lifestyle is born, and with it come bobby socks and boppers ,poodle skirts and pompadours . But if all that rock and roll is too much
Fashion of the 40sThe 40s World War II puts fashion on hold, but the postwar leisure class makes up for it. Girls look just like Mom in identical Fashion accessory , while the boys dress up in

Taps for shoes

taps for shoes

If you are looking for metal taps for shoes, then you are either a dancer or a cool dude looking for a fashion statement. We had a very nostalgic look of why these metal taps were so popular in the … Continue reading

7 Amazing Vintage Fashion Sites we Follow

Amazing Vintage Fashion Sites we Follow

We like to keep up to date and out of date when it comes to fashion. We loved reviewing 80s Clothes last month but now we go further a field in with our Amazing Vintage Fashion Sites. So we thought we … Continue reading

Fashion in the 90s

A B  C  D  E  F  G  H  I  J  K  L  M  N  O  P  Q  R  S  T  U  V  W   // // A little something for everyone. Depressed? It always rains in the grunge world of flannels and army surplus. Angry? Let it out, you riot grrrl, with a little body piercing. Just wanna dance? Pick your flavor: … Continue reading


Year of 1961

1961 was a year that saw congress approve the Peace Corps as a permanent federal agency within the State Department, and Kennedy signed the legislation on September 22. If you were going to school you may well of had a Pets and Pals metal … Continue reading

80s clothes

80s clothes

80s clothes were the ultimate in neon clothing and outrageous hair cuts. Being bold and outrageous was the fashion. There are some real fun 80′s outfits for women which have great colors and shine. 80s Clothes are back! 80s fashion seems … Continue reading