Cartoons in the 50s

Cartoons in the 50s

The 50s gave you a mixed bad as many cartoons were in black and white, but the characters were just incredible. Who could forget the popularity Felix the cat cartoons, or Snagglepuss, The Yogi Bear Show, The Rocky And Bullwinkle Show, The Huckleberry Hound Show and repeats from favorites like Tom & Jerry and Mr. Magoo

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  1. I am looking for a dvd of “The Whistling Wizard” with Bill Baird. I’m related to Franz Fazakas, the voice of ” Heathcliff”. Can you help in the search?

    • Sadly, I spent lot of time being chided through school up through today for prattling off some of the most inane trivial bits of useless facts- until someone needs them. If you can remember any additional information- a single character, or part of group, sidekicks or animal pet, a setting such as the future, time for the airing of the program (Saturdays, etc.) would help. Hanna-Barberra churned out lots of items, and I could assist you with most of their period work as well. But again, reply with anything else you remember about show, please.

  2. curious about name of kids tv show about the time of early Gumby stuff. But it had human looking 3D clay figures. I remember something about a hovercar. possibly scifi in nature. Thks

  3. Does anyone remember a cartoon from the late 40s or early 50s that had a star shaped character. It probably would have been around the time Crusader Rabbit was on.

  4. The movies are so cool and old I think I have one but they were funny and cool.The movies are not the best but that’s what they had in the 50’s and they are cool.

  5. I remember a cartoon featuring two Indians. A tall thin one who talked and a short fat chief who only made a loud noise. That’s all I can remember about it. We used to watch it in the evening after school along with QT Hush and others.

  6. I’m wondering if anybody can remember a cartoon series that began with the words “Big Mac’s train and his happy crew have a train load of fun to bring to you. Fun and laughter are in store, with his dog, his mouse and his dinosaur. His dog (I think his name was Sergeant Valentine)” …. and I forget the rest. it would have been late 50s or early 60s

    • “Big Mack drives a magic train,

      With a crew of friends that entertain…”

      I remember seeing the opening and closing animation many times, but I don’t think I ever actually watched the show.

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