Year of 1961

1961 was a year that saw congress approve the Peace Corps as a permanent federal agency within the State Department, and Kennedy signed the legislation on September 22. If you were going to school you may well of had a Pets and Pals metal lunchbox with matching steel thermos from King Seeley. Crossing the road became a lot safer once a ...

Tooty Frooties

Tooty Frooties

Tooty Frooties  were mainly sugar, glucose, fruit juices, Vegetable fat, Malic acid, Gum arabic, flavourings, Acidity regulator, Citric acid, wheat gluten and loads of colours. Its true, don't be fooled this was sugar and e-numbers in heaps! Chewy and fruity sweets that were with us through the sixties and seventiesIn fact it was in 1963 Tooty Frooties came ...

Camberwick Green Toothpaste

Camberwick Green Toothpaste

Camberwick Green Toothpaste Camberwick Green Toothpaste, now how wrong is that!? After having Trumpton, Chigley and Camberwick Green they decided it was time for a Toothpaste for kids. These soft plastic tube depicting Captain Snort from Pippin Fort or Dr Mopp were full of strawberry or orange flavoured toothpaste. Gordon Murray’s peerless creation defined the genre in so ...


1964 Nostalgic Year

1964 was a leap year that saw Martin Luther King, Jr receives the Nobel Peace Prize, James Bond released his third outing with Goldfinger along with all the merchandise and comedian Harry Hill was born in 1964. The Summer Olympics were held in Tokyo, Japan. Meanwhile Roald Dahl was busy writing Charlie and the Chocolate Factory in 1964 If you were ...


1963 Year

A 1963 Holiday took place around the country by driving around in your Volkswagen camper van. The Beatles couldnt seem to do anything wrong as everything went to number one. You probably started your day off before school in 1963 with either Cocoa Puffs,Cocoa Krispies or  Capn' Crunch cereal Hergé's Adventures of Tintin first became an animated cartoon in 1963, and while the ...


Year of 1960

You may of been driving around in a 1960 Humber Hawk Series II while lower budgets enjoyed the 1960 Austin Mini Seven rather than the  Aston Martin DB5. Most bored kids had hobbies that nearly always included stamp collecting or postcard collecting. You may of been into gardening. If so then the 1960s UK Ladybird Indoor Gardening Book was essential for any ...

The Flintstones Episodes

The Flintstones

The Flintstones is still a family favorite according to skooldays stats, as it suddely overnight became the most searched for show. The Flintstones Episodes were 166 in total spanning 6 seasons. The animated series ran from 1960 to 1966. The Flintstones is presently seen in 22 languages in more than 80 countries around the world, and ...

Lunchbox in the 90s

Lunchbox in the 90s

// // Postman Pat, Thomas the tank engine and adorable Rosie and Jim lunchboxes were all big in this decade, not to mention some great retro sweets like Crystal Pepsi, Pex dispensers were back and Super Mario Brothers lunch boxes. So enjoy another trip down Tupperware town in the nutty nineties.