52 Weeks of Years

Yes we are starting our 52 Weeks of Years very soon and we want you to be part of it. So what is 52 Weeks of Years? Starting from 1960 we will take a year each week and look at the fashion, the games, the popular culture, what was cool was was awesome during that particular year.

Each week we will move on to the following year and gradually move closer and closer to 2012. So starting with 1960 we will no doubt cover your favorite year some time this year. Was it 1976 – that was mine we had the first commercial flight by Concorde and the driest summer in the UK? Maybe you were loving 1982 when Michael Jackson releases the ‘Thriller’ album. 1969 when they walked on the moon was that your year?


52 Weeks of Years

How can you help out in 52 Weeks of Years

We want you to also write us an article of the year you loved. Why was it a special year, what do you remember about it. Yes we want authors for each year to provide articles that help us all relive the memories.

What to do? Just fill out the form below, even before we get to the year as we will gradually add the articles in order. So get writing about your favorite year below and see if others share your amazing memories

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    3 thoughts on “52 Weeks of Years

    1. I would be happy to write an article on 1979
      That wad a great year for me and i can.remember the movies and music in.that year
      i may even have s photo
      count me in for 1979

    2. 1985 for me. jelly shoes, jelly bracelets, neon colors, the madonna look, mood lipstick, new wave, michael jackson, cabbage patch kids, roller rinks, jordache jeans, jheri curls, legwarmers, side ponytails, hair bands, twist-a-beads, kissing potion lipgloss, lipsmackers, hello kitty, small wonder (tv show), lee press on nails, mtv, the birth of rap, breakdancing, airbrushed shirts, all the cutest cartoons-smurfs, care bears, rainbow brite, my little pony, strawberry shortcake, rose petal place, jem, the wuzzles, the shirt-tales, the get along gang ect. I could on and on and on!

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