Ipod Celebrates over 50 Year Anniversary – 1958 Proof!

Ipod Celebrated over 50 Year Anniversary a few years back – Proof!

Ok we know that back in 1958 the ipod wasn’t top on you’re grannies shopping list, but you have to admit this is a superb photoshop image.

Ipod 50 Year Anniversary

Ipod Celebrates 50 Year Anniversary

If it was true…. can you imagine


Elvis and the Beatles going to number one in “The Hit Parade” due to MP3 downloads.

Music genre would only have a few variations such as Jazz, Swing and Rock.

The batteries would probably only last 10 minutes as technology was well behind – (about the same as a 2008 ipod)

Your Gran would be a hoody

The only rapper you would know is the one the ipod came in (wrapper) …see what i did!

You would have to plug the ipod into the “Music Centre” which took up the length of the lounge wall.

That’s a few good reasons why the ipod wasn’t around in 1958, so lets forget the whole thing.

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