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Today we look at  the NYC based kids tv series”B.J.’s Bunch!” – a real blast or nostalgia from the 1970’s “Saturday Morning Kids TV Shows”  – Review by Kevin Butler

In 1973..Chicago,Ill. based kids tv wraparound host/performer:Bill Jackson ( “BJ” )was invited by the station execs at WNBC TV Ch.4 in NYC to mc a children’s educational series.

Set against a non descript black background..”BJ”and his puppets”Dirty Dragon”,”Weirdly”,”The Thumbtwangers”,”The Prof & Mom”would perform comedy skits that centered around a myrid of subjects”Food”,”Love”,”Friendship”, Laughter”etc.

BJ's Bunch in the seventies

1970s Saturday Mornings with BJ's Bunch

There was also segment..where “BJ” would have his mallable clay pal: “The Blob” be carved into a certain type of character that would symbolize the show’s theme “A park statue”, “A clown”, “NYC’s Empire State Building” and other well known icons.

At the end of every program “BJ” would engage his viewers in a chalk talk..where he would draw some pictures to illustrate a story that would help illustrate the theme of that week’s show.

“BJ’s Bunch!”was seen on saturday afternoons from Saturday March 9, 1974 to Saturday December 28,1974. Unfortuneatly..the series was not as successful as Jackson’s Chicago,Ill. based kids tv shows and it only lasted one season on Ch.4.

Following The Cancellation of “BJ’sBunch” Jackson returned to Chicago..where he would onto host”Cartoon Corners” and “BJ’s Gigglesnort Hotel”.

Anyone else remember The”BJ’s Bunch” show from Saturday Morning Kids TV ?

4 thoughts on “BJ’s Bunch

  1. Always looked forward to watchin’ BJ’s Bunch every saturday, durin’ my childhood in Brooklyn, NY. Loved the program…especially “The Blob” ( I still remember when he was carved out like the Empire State Building…he wanted King King and Fay Wray figures placed on the top). Also, The Dirty Dragon blowin’ smoke out the nostrils. Thanks for the memories.

  2. Thanks for the posting, brings back memories. Funny, BJ’s wasn’t on weekly, I had to keep checking the TV Guide to see if it was on, especially remember the Mickey Mouse rock song he did.

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