Toys in the 90s

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Toys in the 90s

Games and Toys in the 90s basically made a decade of fads and prosperity. Everything from Power Rangers to Pogs to Pokémon. Tickle Me Elmo pulls a Cabbage Patch on holiday-shopping parents, while Beanie Babies raise the collector frenzy to uncharted levels. The digital age keeps its roots in the ever-evolving video game systems from Nintendo, Sega, Sony and others, but Tamagotchi virtual pets and Furby lead the interactive toy parade into the high-tech future.


Ants in the Pants
Army Men
Axis & Allies


Barrel of Monkeys
BB guns
Beanie Babies
Big Wheel


Candy Land
Cap Guns
Captain Action
Care Bears
Chatty Cathy
Chinese Checkers
Chutes and Ladders
Connect Four
Corgi Die Cast Vehicles
Crayola Crayons
Creepy Crawlers


Digger the Dog
Domino Rally
Don’t Break the Ice
Dungeons & Dragons


Easy-Bake Oven
Electric Football
Erector set
Ertl Die-Cast Toys
Evel Knievel


Fisher-Price Little People


G.I. Joe (60’s, 70’s)
G.I. Joe (80’s, 90’s)
Game & Watch
Game Boy
Glamour head
Glo Worm


Hacky Sack
He-Man and the Masters of the Universe
Hello Kitty
Hi-Ho! Cherry-O
Hoppity Hop
Hot Potato
Hot Wheels
Hula Hoop
Hungry Hungry Hippos


Jacob’s Ladder
Johnson Smith Company


Ker Plunk
Koosh Ball


Lazer Tag
Lincoln Logs
Lionel Trains
Little Professor calculator


Mad Libs
Magic 8 Ball
Magic: The Gathering
Magna Doodle
Memory Game
Mickey Mouse
Micro Machines
Mille Bornes
Monster Magnet
Mouse Trap
Mr. Mouth
Mr. Potato Head
My Little Pony
Mystery Date






Pick Up Sticks
Pogo Stick
Polly Pocket
Pound Puppies
Power Rangers
Power Wheels


Radio Flyer wagon
Raggedy Ann
Remote Control Cars
Rock’em Sock’em Robots
Rubik’s Cube


Sea Monkeys
See ‘n Say
Shrinky Dinks
Silly Putty
Silly String
Sit ‘N Spin
Slip ‘N Slide
Slot Racers
Sno-Cone Machines
Star Wars
Strawberry Shortcake
Stretch Armstrong
Super Ball
Super Jock
Super Soakers


Talking Pee-Wee
Teddy Bears
Teddy Ruxpin
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
Tickle Me Elmo
Tinker Toys
Tonka Trucks
Toss Across
Trivial Pursuit


Uncle Milton’s Ant Farm




Wacky Packages
WWF Action Figures


Yes & Know books





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151 thoughts on “Toys in the 90s

  1. I remember having a stuffed animal that came with a book telling u the story about the stuffed animal. He took away ur bad dreams according to the book! He had the face of a monkey, a turned up trunk like an elephant, cheetah spots, brown fur, he had a tail that had hair on the tip like a lion. My sister and I were just talking about it and were trying to figure out the name of the thing! It was probably around 1993 or so. It was def in the 90’s though. If u happen to know what I’m talking about, could u please help with the name?! Thanx so much!

  2. I know a couple big ones you missed. In the early 90’s. There was the Skippit (it went on one ankle & had a counter how many times you could “skip it”). Also in the late 80’s there was the Roller Racer (you sat on a triangle shaped seat & moved the handles side to side to get moving) & there were also Popples & Cherry Merry Muffins. I’m remembering a bag/stuffed animal from either the 80’s or 90’s called Doofles, but I have only found one site with mention of them.

  3. In 1991 I bought my son a stuffed animal that was orange, had eyes and a trunk for the nose and was in the shape of a “T”. It had Critters on the tag. I’ve tried to find another one but have not had any luck. Ring any bells?

  4. i remember a game for boys that was based on the game of slappsies where each parson had 2 gloves and 1 of the gloves had a sensor/button on it so youd no if u had been hit does any 1 remember what they was called

  5. When I was a child i had a toy . I do not no the name of it and can hardly remember what it looks like. I think it was a light Brown colour. It was fur but its face hands and feet were plasticy . I’m sure it read drifts to you and you could read with it and answer questions it asked by pressing buttons in the book. Im also sure that it had round glasses. I no that it is a bad description but if anyone could help you woupd be amazing and wonderful.

    • Doubt you are still wondering about this, but his name was Yano. I literally spent an hour looking for this because before seeing your comment, I had been looking for him as well.

  6. I had this toy when I was a girl that was small and plastic, maybe about a cubic inch, onthe shape of a cat or something but here were others. It looked condensed like it was sitting or crouching so it was small, and had hiddens wheels do it could move… I think you cranked it. But it’s eyes could light up and it had a button on its head so it could talk. Anyone know what this is?

  7. I used to have a light blue colored plastic pistol that made sounds like a real gun and it hand a silenced you would put on it and then it would sound silenced. It had a removable mag that was the battery pack. When you fired I beloved 16 shots it would make a click noise like it was out. You would pull the mag out and put it back. Does anyone know what this is? Id really like to find one online. Coolest toy gun ive seen.

  8. im just wondering if you guys can help me,, i had a toy when i was younger and it was like a purple monster and i thouht it was called tickle me eddy but i cant seem to remember,,and he had big eyes hat was hard and when you squeezed him he would giggle please help

  9. Looking for a gun from the late 80’s. It was shaped like the gun for the Nintendo, but was black and had plastic, wooden-colored grip that contained the 9volt battery. It made a realistic pistol sound. Any ideas? Brand name? Manufacturer? Picture?

  10. I seem to remember a toy that I’m starting to doubt whether or not it existed, because everyone I’ve described it to has no idea what I’m talking about. It was a doll with long arms, legs and neck, a crash-test-dummy-style head, and funky colored hair. When you grabbed it by the neck and shook it, it would make silly noises. Can anyone enlighten me as to what it was called?

    • I am looking for this toy or name of this toy. My supervisor has one and I accidently broke it’s neck and I wanted to see if I could replace it. I took a picture of the doll but unfortunately I can’t attach it to this comment. If anyone knows the name or where I could find one or a similar one please let me know.

  11. I had this toy when I was about 5/6, so the late 90’s early 2000s, it was about an inch or two big, they were plastic figures, that looked like a dog, it had a heart on its nose and it was hot pink in colour, but it was covered with purple feather like material, similar to the cheap feather bowa’s for little girls material. They were all the same colour but some were moulded in different positions, I had about 4. They looked like little puppies. I also had a back pack in the shape of a lilac dog/lamb looking thing, which was the same brand as the small figures, it was just a lilac colour by had the same type face and heart nose, it had a pouch to put the small figures in. Anyone know what I’m on about?

  12. Nancy, I had the same one. They were 4 puppies and they had a mama who was a backpack almost. They were made in the early 90’s I ot mine in 1992 or 1993. I don’t remember the name but I use to love playing with it. I remember after i moved one year I lost the mama and most of the puppies but one. I still have it. They also came in different types of animals. They had a cat and others.

  13. I got this stuffed animal beagle puppy 95/96…he came in a pink and purple box and had a green collar..i thought he was called puppy so real but i cannot find anything like it…i also had a cat that was the same thing, it was orange with black stripes and purred when you squeezed her…ive been looking for years for that beagle stuffed animal, so if anyone knows anything that sounds somewhat similar to that i would really love to find one again!!

  14. I saw an add just once around the time furbies came out for the first time, for a stuffed dragon toy that was shown worn on the shoulders that had similar electronics to furbies, I don’t remember if it talked but it moved its head wings and tail if I remember correctly, and it responded to voice. I’ve been looking for it ever since. Does anyone remember what it was called?

  15. I have been searching the stupid Internet to find my childhood game I wouldn’t say it was a board game but it was a orange and purple dog had a crazy tongue had a bone and the tongue would roll back into mouth with the bone the ears moved I can’t remember if it made any noise but u had to assumable it. To play and desumable it to put into box and I remember the box was big if anyone can help please email me thanks name is Prestine 🙂

  16. I can’t remember what this was called maybe somebody knows but it was purple and you sat in it and it would spin around and go back and forth I thought it was called like crazy tornado or something lol I would love it if anybody remembers it!!!!

  17. i had quite a few toys when i was younger but i never knew what they were called, it looked kinda like a tortoise with long legs and had hair, its “shell” opened up like ladybug wings and was hollow inside so you could put things in.
    it wasnt very big. wpuld love to know if anybody else remembers these as would like to try and get one for my daughter

  18. I have 2 games (not really sure if they are considered games or not). The first one, you could “build” sand underwater. Once you emptied the water out, the sand was dry again.
    The second game (again, not sure if considered a game or not), were very small dominoes that were put into a template that was placed into a rack. Once all the dominoes were up, of course you could knock them down.
    For the life of me, I cannot remember the name of either of them. Can anyone help out?

    • Yep. That’s just called magic sand. If you live in New Zealand I believe you can still buy it at toy world. It was a while ago that I saw it, so unsure if they still sell it or not.

  19. Was wondering if anyone could help me out. I used to have this toy, I think late 80’s or early 90’s, (not too sure) and it was this pony castle which I believe had lights and sounds, and all the ponies that you had for it were small, hard plastic ponies that were kind of on a round base type thing and imprinted on the base underneath was a horseshoe shape. If memory serves me right, the castle also had horseshoe shapes on it and if you sat the pony on one, it did different things (lights went on etc) does anyone have a clue what I’m talking about? I’ve searched everywhere and can’t seem to find it anywhere!

  20. I am looking for a toy I had as a child. I think he was called power pooch or something.. It was a stuffed Dog toy whos lip and eye brow were adjustable to make him look like he was mean.. they also had another one that had a cape i believe that came out of his back more of a super hero version of the one I had.. I really would like to find one but I cannot remember exactly what it was called or who it was made by.

  21. my boyfriend was just telling me about toy he had as a child and I cant find it anywhere. he said it was a football but had a monster’s face??? Please help if you can thank you!!!!

  22. When I was little I grew up on Guatemala, I had these miniature toys that had houses, cars, and swings. I think they were bears but I don’t remember. And they were not Leggos. They came out around the late 80s to the early 90s. Any help will be appreciated!

  23. Hi! I was wondering if anyone remembers the name of a toddler toy from the early 90’s. It was an electronic yellow ball with animals pictures on it. You would roll it and whichever animal picture was face up, it would say what the animal was and it’s sound.


  24. Hi. This list is brilliant. Although I’m looking for a toy from the middle of the 90s. They are little teddy bears (Possibly other animals too) Made from a hard material with very short fur, they were in bright pink/purple/blue etc colours and they had red plastic hearts that would light up. I think the toy was a couple of inches tall at the most. Anyone remember the name of these?

  25. Love 80’s & 90’s toys!

    Can you help me?

    Two different toys…
    1. Rubber kittens with blankets on their back that when you put your finger on it, the heat revealed a message??

    2. Plastic cute puppy/puppies with a light up habitate…(I had a husky with a ice slide, igloo and frozen lake)??

    I am a Mom now and would love for my babies to enjoy these kind of toys as well.

    Thanks in advance and God bless!

  26. Hiya,
    When I was little I had a purple toy van that opened up and inside was a small town (in a similar style to Polly Pockets). It came with about 6 little dogs in it and you could hide them in various places within the town. I remember one being a rock and when you twisted the top, the rock opened.
    I’ve been trying to find it but nothings coming up. :/

    Thank You!

    • I had a van like this too! I don’t know if it was the same toy or not. Mine had people and when you took the roof off it also had rooms made on it. I remember you could put the people in different places. but cannot for the life of me find a picture of it anywhere!

  27. This toy was either late 80s early 90s. It was a toy truck with machine guns the truck came in pieces and you had to take a black plastic rod to weld the truck together with a little gun that turned the black rod really fast. Then you could crash the truck and then you would have to weld all the pieces back together. I know that Mattel made a version in the 70s that’s all I can find online could really use some help thanks

    • Toy was called Power Spark. Made by Hasbro in 1994. I had one too, and thought it was the greatest thing…until I got a metal molder.

      • Toy was called Power Spark. Made by Kenner in 1994. I had one too, and thought it was the greatest thing…until I got a metal molder.

  28. I have been looking for the star castle collection everywhere….I finally found the old 90’s commercial for it on YouTube but I can’t find anywhere online that sells it. I had ll the castles when I was little and I loved them…..I remember they were also teases. The tops of the castle towers would come off and they were cups! Coolest toy ever!

  29. when I was growing up in the 90s, my grandmother had two dolls in her house which we called Pink Baby and Blue Baby. They were plush dolls, maybe 6 or 7 inches tall, and came with a book (each). I have Pink Baby but Blue Baby and the books were lost. Pink Baby has a tag, reading Tiny Treasures, which is supposedly located in Memphis TN. Unfortunately, Tiny Treasures has seemingly gone out of business. Can anyone confirm these childhood memories of mine and point me towards someone who might have a Blue Baby and the books???????

  30. What toy in the 80s shot a car out of a long plastic type space gun. The car was like a rocket car. The gun you pumped and shot this car out of it. It was red white and blue. I had this when I was a kid and loved it. What toy manufacturer made it as well. Please help.

  31. I am desparately searching the net for an electronic educational toy i had in early 1990s, it was flat like an ipad in shape but slightly bigger, no screen and had these educational cards that sat on top of it and would read you facts and ask you questions when you press it in certain places, im sure it was called compedia or something like that, I was the only one who had one and I never saw one again.
    Also, remember the Phillips CDI?

  32. Hopefully any of the many toy-lovers on this site can give me a hand. I’m looking for a toy my friends and I used to play with when we were younger, which would have been around the late-90s/early-00s. Anyway, it was similar to K’Nex and Legos in that you would take the individual pieces an build stuff. Unlike K’NEX or Legos, the pieces were all the same size and shape. They were plastic and were shaped like little ladders with two rungs. The colors I remember them being in were blue and green. There may have been yellow pieces, but I’m not sure. The reason I’m asking is because I had a dream the other night about playing with them and when I awoke, I felt really nostalgic. Any help is appreciated. Thank you!

  33. I would like to know where I could email a photo of what Im pretty sure is a 90s toy that I cant find the name of!! Its so bright and colorful, you can play music with it, record with it..I really want to know what it is!! Ive looked everywhere for it. It was made by Main joy limited and of coarse it doesnt exist anymore since Dec of 2009. Can anyone point me in the right direction? Thanks!! Love the site.

  34. Hello everyone, Im driving me crazy, just dont remember the name , but i wanna re-buy a toy in particular, it´s the skull of plastic of Mattel, and I can personalize the eyes and the moth whit the elements that came whit the toy, If anyone can helpme please send me a mail, I just wanna got the last present of Santa. 😀

  35. Hi all, I’m trying to remember a toy car I got in the early 1990’s or the late 1980’s (sadly I was too young to remember). It featured a gimmick that allowed you to customize the toy, by flipping the exterior of the car inside-out, like a box and it’s flaps (the flap connecting all of the sides was located at the back of the car. The one I had featured a blue pick up truck and a white/red van. It also had the ability to expand the plastic tires for a more beefed up look. I can’t seem to find anything on the internet. I appreciate any help on the name of the toy series!

  36. Does anyone know the name of something like this?
    It was these medium-sized plastic pieces that you used to build animals with. I know that at least dogs and elephants were two of the animals you could build with it. We had them at the K3 class I went to, and I really want to find pictures of them but can’t do so without the name.

  37. i grew up in the 90s and there was this toy i remember playing with you filled a mold with liquid rubber/plastic and you baked it in an oven similar to the easy bake oven and it made little dolls and there was different molds for different outfits and hairstyles i remember playing with it at a friends house but now i cant remember what it was called

    • I also had one of those! Pretty sure I used my Christmas money and bought it on clearance. Lol. I made little dolls for all my friends. I remember my mom saying it made the house smell bad. Lol I think it was called a dolly maker?

  38. I have a toy here, a stuffed animal that has a scrunchy attatched to it!
    It has an S on it’s “ass” and I have NO idea what it was called! It were to be used in your hair or on your wrist.
    and you could stuff the scrunchy inn to the animal so that you were left with only the stuffed animal!

  39. I remember I had a doll that I used to fall asleep. It was one of my favorites. It was a plush caterpillar with a cute plastic face. It had big blue dreamy eyes and a nighttime hat with moon and stars. It had a voice box and I seem to remember that it’s cheeks had lights that turned on underneath the plastic. The material was silky with baby blue and baby purple colors. I can’t find it anywhere. Does anybody remember these and if you do please let me know.

  40. Does anyone remember the 90s toys that when you opened the vehicle witha plastic key, it would open and a helicopter would come out. Or the motorcycle that when you used the key, guns would come out???

  41. Please help – I’ve been looking for years for the name of a set of toys I had when I was younger. They were ‘Mighty Max’ like, because they were sets of miniature figures each inside of a different organ of the body. These mini-playsets also shot little darts as you used them to ‘attack’ the other figures from other organs. There was a heart, an eye, a liver, and a few others that I don’t remember. I thought they were called ‘Body Warriors’ but I found no mention of this online. Does anyone remember these at all??

  42. Forgetting some:

    Crossfire — that game was awesome.
    Lite Brite — I loved this thing!
    Snap bracelets! (Not necessarily a toy, I know, but a fad nonetheless.)

    Also, not sure if this is the same thing Haze is trying to find, but kinda sounds like it:

    It was a tabletop electronic learning “machine” that I got for Christmas in like the early ’90s, I think. It had a gray frame with a slanted back to it that you slid big plastic cards into, and those cards had numerous pictures on them on both sides. I think the machine would ask questions or give hints and you’d answer by pressing one of several blue buttons. It had stuff like landmarks such as Stonehenge and Sydney Opera House and animals and such. Also, on the slanted back panel where you inserted the cards was an engraving of the world map.

    I for the LIFE of me can’t remember the name of this device. Would anyone out there happen to know?

  43. Hi been looking for this 90s console i had as a kid for years. All i remember is it was a white square block with red, blue, green and yellow square buttons on it. Just those 4. You plugged it to the back of the tv and all i remember was a educational bear, catchy music and you had to push a colour button for the correct answer. It was n educational toy for numbers, letters and matching pictures. Nobody seems to know what it is and it’s driving me crazy haha!!

  44. So there was this toy. It was a furry monkey with a hat and plastic eyes that had flashed green. When you talked to it, it would sort of repeat what you said, but it would be in beeps of different tones. The eyes would flash when it beeped. Ring any bells?

  45. Hi. I got my Teddy Bear late 80’s . He used to record what was said while squeezing his hand & repeat it back. NOT Teddy Ruxpin. Orange heart on chest would light up. Zipper on his back to get to the recorder (took it out in my teens to hide me smokes lol) Floppy dark brown ears & light brown/grey fur. Been my best mate for 25yrs & no idea what he is??? Any ideas?

  46. Hi I’m wondering if anyone can help. When I was at school in the late 90s we used to collect small figures and I can’t remember or find what there called anywhere. They were small figures that came with a card and were often dressed in different armour, all I can remember is there was a skeleton and sabre tooth tiger, if anyone could help would be appreciated,

  47. I am looking for a multicolored plush caterpillar about a foot long that was sold by the Oriental Trading Co. in the 1990’s. It is no longer made but does anyone have a used one??

  48. im looking for a blue double decker bus it came with a little blonde man in blue suit and hat with a red tie and also a monkey in a little compartment it was my ultimate favourite toy i really want to see if i can get one but i dont know the brand or name???????

  49. Does anyone know of this toy i had? I’m not sure exactly when i got it, i was really little so it might have been in the 90’s. I found it in a Goodwill, It kinda looked like a alien monster. I remember it had a compartment and there was a egg inside. Inside the egg was a baby that looked like the mom. I remember the baby more than the mom, it had a antenna and i think it might have talked in a incomprehensible language, it had batteries, oh and the antenna might have glowed. It might have came with 2 eggs, one baby was pink and the other was yellow.

  50. I remember a toy truck when I was a kid. Hope someone can help me remember what it was! It was a monster truck, and it was silver, and I think it had some odd spoiler thingy on the back along with the truck bed, can’t quite remember that. Anyway, it had teeth and you could open its mouth. I looked at the Mattel line Attack Pack and can’t find it so not sure if that’s even right. When the truck had its mouth closed, you could still turn the top side part of it, so it looked like it was baring its teeth on one side. It MIGHT have had a flame design on its sides. The teeth were fairly realistic and so was the tongue. The tongue was hard plastic firmly in the mouth that was curved slightly (so it looked more real). I think a cousin stole it from me because I lost it a long time ago and I loved it.

  51. I wish I knew some of these toys never heard of them well most of them . I had a jane west doll with leather clothes and her own cowgirl town wish I knew what hapoend to it never seen anything like it since that was my favorite toy

  52. Trying to remember the name of a game it had a yellow moterized mouse that moved when you pushed his tail In and If I remember right it had these sticks that looked like cat paws with a hook on it and u would have to catch the mouse it also had pieces of cheese. Hope someone can help and remember what it’s called

  53. When my girls were little we bought this great set of building toys designed for girls and I can not remember the name but the blocks where all rounded and very stylized. There where several different sets one was a safari set and one was an ocean or underwater set. There were people you could build and animals and you could build tree houses and underwater castles. The kids loved it but I can not for the life of me remember the name does any one remember this building set?

  54. I used to have this castle that opened with a key and it had two little princess figurines, one blonde, on brunette. It also had a frog king and a purple cat. Along with two chairs and a dining room table with a white cloth on it, all plastic figurines of course. It opened on one side, and when you opened it it was like slicing open the castle so you would see the cross section of it. I remember the outside being sparkly and you could remove the castle spires. Does anyone happen to know the name of this toy or used to have one?

  55. Hey, I was wondering if you guys could help me out. When I was really little, I had these electronic toys that were modeled to look like books and had buttons on them. There was a board with planets around the sun and when you pressed a planet, it would tell you facts about it like size, diameter, how many moons, distance the light takes to reach it, etc. It spoke in a British voice too. There was also one I had for a while about dinosaurs. Anyone remember what I’m talking about?

  56. Hi! I really want to find out what the name is of this toy I used to play with. I had a tiny stuffed cat and polar bear. They were about 2 1/2 inches big and they had distinctive tired or sad-looking plastic eyes. So cute! I want to know the name of this collection to see what other animals were available.

  57. I’m trying to remember the name of a toy I had as a little kid (maybe late 90’s to early 00’s) I don’t remember much about it, but that it was like a blocky stick figure, and would change into either the letter “k” or “x” it had designs like a robot, alien, pirate, etc. anyone remember the name?

  58. When I was really little, (late 90’s to early 2000’s) there was a toy that had a sticker design on it (like a pirate, an alien, a robot, etc.) that was kinda blocky, and would shift into either the letter k or x. I think they could also link together, but I can’t remember. I can’t remember the name, and it’s really been bugging me, does anybody know what I’m talking about? If so, could you please remind me?

  59. Many years ago I had some figures about the size of Dungeon and Dragons. They were dark red and small and had some skeleton’s as well. Problem is I can’t remember where or from what I dot them from whether they came from a board game or something else. This demon had a sword or maybe a whip raised over his head and had these wing’s on his back and a skull on his belt buckle. I tried to see if ebay had this figure but I have no luck or even know where he came from. Please help thanks.

  60. Anyone remember these toys from the 90s, they looked like little aliens wouldnt be any bigger then about an inch tall if that, they had numbers on there feet and you could get these spaceship pods like things ya could store em in the mouth of it would open up an pretty sure they came in like a green red an purple colour? Help been gettinn to me i cant find anything on it lol

  61. So there was a toy well I should say like playset type thing I remember from being a small kid in the 90s, everytime I went tp a toystore in the mall or to a pawn shop they would have these construction sites with these little balls about the size of a quarter or so maybe smaller, and there were dump truck, bulldozers, conveyor belts and things like that. Everything was remote controlled and you could arrange the “construction site” as you wanted. I cant for the life of me remember it

  62. I need some help. There’s a game from the 90s and a toy from the 90s that I can’t remember what they’re called.

    The game is a basketball game that came with a set of 2 basketball hoops each with a purple backboard and you would wear one on your back like a backpack while you tried to get the ball into your friends hoop. I don’t remember the brand.

    The toy is a nerf-style football (i don’t know if it was nerf or not) that was in the shape of a monster that was half green half purple. It could have possibly been 2 sided, like with a green monster and a purple monster on each half of the football (hotdog style halves). The ball monster was on a string, well 2 strings to be exact. Two people would stand like 7 feet or so away from each other and hold the handle at the end of each string in each hand. The point was to open your arms fast to push the ball towards the other person. I remember buying it at a sidewalk sale at an HEB store around the vicinity of 1997-98 if that helps any.

    Thanks for any help. I just wanted to see if anybody else had them and remembers what they were called because I can’t seem to find a picture of them online with the keywords that I’m putting in.

    Oh, and one more thing. Does anybody know some of the diecast model car brands that were around in the mid-to-late 90s? Thanks!

  63. There was a toy that I had that was like a mould of a dinosaur and you would make up this green concoction that smelt bad and pour it in the mould that had two pieces, then shake it to cover the whole amount and then let it dry. Then once it was dry you could pull apart the mould and it would be moulded. The texture was rubbery. Anyone know what it was called?

    Also, there was PC game that was basically about recycling, you went to different areas of the “world”- the dump, the forest and to to choose the item that you could recycle. I loved that game! but don’t know what it is called. Anyone?

  64. I had this disc football game ran by batteries othe offense picks a play,he puts it in the disc player which talks and the other guy picks his defense by moving the disc to the defense of his choice and then pushes down the disc and let the play run,walkie talkie football I believe was the name iof it,can’t find it no where,it was a fun game!

  65. I am looking for a plush horse head on a belt for toddlers. It had red horse reins that made horse sounds when pulled on. The cutest toy ever!

  66. I had a game where you had a block of cheese and a mouse inside, you hid the cheese around the house and the mouse would squeak until you found it. Any suggestions on its name?

  67. Hi (:
    I hope someone can help me identify a doll range – they must have been manufactured in the 90’s to early 2000’s.
    They had big heads and feet, bendable limbs (with no visible articulation points and limited range). They weren’t Moxie dolls or Bratz. Big eyes and lips similar to MyScene dolls, just slightly wider. They had long hair, just under waist level. I had a blonde doll (named Kimmy) and a dark red haired (Katie) doll. I can only remember the names of the dolls, not the brand unfortunately. I also think Katie had stars around one eye.

  68. Please can anyone help me In the 1990’s, while in Majorca, I bought a walking, talking, multicoloured, toy parrot. It has a red plastic heart on it’s chest which used to light up when it spoke. It’s 30cms tall, made in China. I can’t get it to work now and would love to know more about it. Many thanks.



  70. Hello everyone, I’m trying to find a toy that my brother and I played with as kids in the 90s.

    It was a red locomotive that opened up and had train tracks and a haunted house scene inside. I believe the scene was something spooky or Halloween themed. There were spooky trees and possibly a lake. The feature I remember most was a small green swamp monster that came with it.

    If anyone knows what it’s called or has pictures I’d greatly appreciate it!

  71. I’m thinking of an Alien/Aliens toy/action figure or like them some how I remember it being a queen alien and only because it had a drk/lightblue swollen open abdomen area. I however cannot find any Alien toys with this feature please help

  72. looking for a dog that has a floppy body he is colorful and his ears move up and down by batteries he is also his eyes are hard plastic.

  73. I was hoping someone would be able to help me find a toy that I LOVED as a kid. In size it was about an inch, two at most it was an alien head really cute little face on it and the head was like an egg that opened up and it has a small body that you could fold out. Then you could open the head back up and fold the body into it. It might have been a keychain, I can’t really remember. It would’ve been late 90s early 2000s I was really young. It was probably from the dollar tree or a bday party or McDonald’s. Something like that. But I’m hoping I’m not the only one who remembers it and someone knows what it was called so I can better search it on google. My husband and I were talking about favorite childhood toys and I’ve been googling for well over 2 hours now with no luck! Thanks in advance if anyone can help!

  74. Could you make a 2000s section and a 2010s section? That would be particularly helpful as I have to do a school project on toys from 50s to now

  75. Does anyone remember a toy robot that was silver. Probably only 3 or 4 inches tall. It was not a dog or a cat. It stood upright like a human.It had a round head with a oval black screen. It had eyes that changed and it spoke in gibberish. It never shut up and if you turned it off it lost it’s learned skills. It screamed, in gibberish, when left alone too long. Does anyone else remember this? It’s driving me crazy.

  76. Not for me but for someone I know this is how he was trying to explain it.
    There’s this big orange toy gun that I had as a kid in the 90s. You pumped it, and it made a boom sound, accompanied by a flash of bright light. Did anyone else have this? Do you remember what it was called? It looked like a bazooka.

  77. Does anyone remember or know about a kid’s toy electronic style book that came with a pen/stylus that buzzed/beeped when you touched the dots on the pages of the book? This would have been in the 90’s before the Leap Pad came out. If I remember right it may have been Disney/Mickey Mouse related.

  78. I remember having very small toy cars in number of 4 which had actually working front lights, It worked on a small tablet battery which was inserted underneath, on the bottom was also housing a switch to turn lights on and off, but all i find online is reference to MICROMASHINES, which is definitely not it. Maybe someone remembers what it is??? i Beg you!@w@ this is all i could find.

  79. I remember having very small toy cars in number of 4 which had actually working front lights, It worked on a small tablet battery which was inserted underneath, on the bottom was also housing a switch to turn lights on and off, but all i find online is reference to MICROMASHINES, which is definitely not it. Maybe someone remembers what it is??? i Beg you!@w@

  80. Anyone know of a wind up bug toy that had a human face and human limbs? I Remember playing with them in the 90’s but could be from the 80’s as well anyone know the name?

  81. Can you please help me remember the name of the micro toy cars with working lights on them, i remember clearly on the deck side theyt had a socket with the tablet battery and a switch for lights on\off, i think they came in number of 4 in a pack. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE! Thank you!

  82. I am trying to find the name of a toy I had in the 90s, it came in packs of 3 robot like figures that clipped together to create a bigger robot and combined their names. I had terbunator and flybynight which were basically recolor of the same toy, but there were others and I can’t remember what they are called.

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