Digger the Dog

Digger the Dog

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When mom won't buy you a puppy, all hope for canine companionship is not lost. There's a bounty of plush puppies to be had, but why not something a little more mobile? Something you could drop in the pool or spill Kool-Aid on without worrying about the state of your little buddy's fake fur? For these substitute-canine concerns, and oh so many others, Hasbro introduced the plastic Digger the Dog in 1974.

Digger measured about fourteen inches long. He had long ears, a yellow hat (because all the best detectives wear something snazzy on top), and four red wheels on his underside. Pull the string on Digger's back, and the wheels turned. Since he leaned over a bit on his haunches, it looked like he was diligently sniffing as he moved-a handy illusion for your adventures with him.

Now maybe you and Digger kept it simple-nature walks around the patio furniture, observing the various habits and wiles of ants and roly-poly bugs. Maybe you both liked to chart the progress of your brother's "Digging to China" project, which took place right in the middle of the lawn because your parents were out of town and he had informed your babysitting grandma that dad had unequivocally okayed the tunneling endeavor. But best of all, maybe you dreamed up a scenario in which you and Digger were a world-renowned scent-tracking team, constantly called out to exotic locations so that you could pinpoint hidden treasure or where the neighbor's mutt buried his dog bones. Since the highly pedigreed Digger was no fan of that neighbor mutt, uncovered bones belonged to him. Finders keepers, Mr. Dirthappy Mongrel. Or at least that's what Digger seemed to say.

These days, there is the Walk 'N Sounds Digger Dog sniffing around out there. As toddlers ambulate with this new and improved Digger at their heels, they're privy to a handful of dog sounds-barks, sniffs, even cute little dog whimpers. And even more lifelike, Walk 'N Sounds Digger has soft ears, as opposed to his predecessor's floppy plastic numbers.

Digger was low-tech, but with an active imagination and a hard surface for him to skitter around on-be it the linoleum in the kitchen or the concrete in the back yard-you could walk him around for hours and investigate all sorts of suspicious terra firma mysteries.

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1974 - Digger the Dog

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Hasbro, Playskool

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