Daniel Boone

Daniel Boone

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Westerns had been popular since the first days of television, but they reached a new level of popularity during the mid-1950’s when a Davy Crockett serial was run on the Disneyland TV series. Though it never became a series (Crockett died at the end of the serial), the phenomenal success of these episodes sparked a massive wave of merchandise that included coonskin caps, a #1 hit record, dolls, clothes, and even a 100-piece Alamo playset. This craze helped revive both the western genre and western toys.

A decade later, Daniel Boone followed in the footsteps of Davy Crockett, both as a television hit and a marketing craze. Like the Davy Crockett serial, the Daniel Boone series starred Fess Parker in its lead role. It focused on Boone’s days as a settler and explorer and delivered plenty of the frontier action that fans expected from a show with Parker in it. The series became an instant hit when it debuted in 1964 and followed the tradition established by Davy Crockett by inspiring another new wave of merchandise.

Among the more memorable Daniel Boone toys were a 5-inch doll and a board game. The caricature-like doll had an oversized head and came with its own powder horn, a bag with a strap, and a coonskin cap. The board game was called Trail Blazers and was put out by the board game wizards at Milton Bradley. This game also included an application for the Daniel Boone fan club, the Trail Blazers. Other Boone accessories included a ‘Woodland Whistle,’ a pen knife, lunchboxes and a zippered vinyl pencil case. The pencil case also included an NBC premium leaflet that offered a wallet, a ring binder and a ‘kaboodle kit.’

1965 saw the release of a Daniel Boone inflatable toy and a card game from Ed-U-Cards. Merchandise tapered off after that, but Daniel Boone remained durably popular, racking up six seasons before ending its run in 1970. Daniel Boone items remain popular on the collector’s market, proving that Western nostalgia truly has a long life.

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1964 - Daniel Boone

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