Taps for shoes

If you are looking for metal taps for shoes, then you are either a dancer or a cool dude looking for a fashion statement.

We had a very nostalgic look of why these metal taps were so popular in the 1950s and how they are making a strong resurgence. You have probably read about the fashion history of our metal taps for shoes page that looks at some stylish metal taps used back in the 1950s. Most people are looking for metal or rubber taps. If you want to make a noise then make sure you avoid those that a re lablled noise free heel tips

Mens taps for shoes or Blakeys

Metal heel protectors for mens shoes were also known as Blakey’s Shoe Protectors I think is fair to say that Blakeys has become synonymous throughout the world for prolonging the life of footwear. Taps for shoes or boots are pretty fashionable again.

taps for shoes

Capezio tap shoes

Capezio is the trade name of Capezio Ballet Makers Inc. Founded by Salvatore Capezio. He was a shoemaker and is renowned for his tap shoes. Capezio was born in 1871 in Italy. When he was 17 years old, Capezio opened a small shoe repair shop. Tap shoes were only a few pirouettes away from New York’s old Metropolitan Opera House. The sign above his door read, “The Theatrical & Historical Shoemaker. Since then the name is always associatted with quality tap shoes.


Capezio tap shoes today

Capezio tap shoes are as popular as ever today. Fashion icons like Taylor Swift and Lady Gaga have been seen wearing them. If you want to get a pair they start from around £100 so shoes or boots are relatively affordable. When you consider a few years ago Beyonce and Maddie Ziegler have all supported the brand by wearing capezio tap shoes or boots. If you haven’t tried this manufacturer of dance shoes, apparel and accessories then you may want to visit his website.

Metal tips for shoes and metal heel taps for boots issues

If you want the clicky sound then go for the metal taps on your heels. The only issue I had is you can slip a little on pavements with the metal heels. Can you use taps on block heels, you can but the rubber ones are the best if you want to make sure the heel makes no sound. If you have boots then they are perfect for a rubber sole .

You dont have to glue them on. I use nails and they seem to stay on fine. You can glue it if you want to be double sure the taps dont come off before using the nails

Metal heel protectors

We used to call these metal heel protectors “Blakeys” Shoe & Boot Toe Guards

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  1. I still put metal taps on my shoes and boots. I like the clicky sound. I bought a lot of them on ebay and got a shoemaker’s last to hammer them in. But I also use shoe-goo. I had a blog for people interested in having taps on their shoes. It’s still up but I don’t monitor it any more: http://tapgrrl.wordpress.com.

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