5 Great Fashion Tips for the 1980s

So are you’re off to a fancy dress party and you want to go as an icon from the eighties.

Or you just love the eighties and don’t need any excuse to dress up in 1980’s fashion. Today we look at some great fashion tips for a real eighties look. Simple rule of thumb is go big bright and bold.

80s Fashion Tip #1 Colour

Its all about the colours in the eighties. The brighter the better! Don’t just go for bright colours go for neon ones.
Try neon green, neon orange, purple, yellow and bright pink. It’s so wrong its right in the 80’s.

5 Great Fashion Tips for the 80s

Great Fashion Tips for the Eighties

80s Fashion Tip #2 Hair

Your hair is another big clue that your in the eighties. For blokes, go for a mullet or buffon hairstyle, even a moustache is good. For the ladies your hair should be tied on one corner of the head. If you want your hair down, make your bangs stand out. Perms seemed to be acceptable whether male or female. Think big, curly  hair if you want the right look.


80s Fashion Tip #3 Makeup

Eye make up is another big eighties tip. 1980s makeup trends were all about eyeliner and blue eye shadow. Big bright and bold eyes. When you use blue on the eyes, make sure the mascara is visible. Eyebrows are thick and bushy. Put a little red on your cheeks and color fuschia for lipstick

80s Fashion Tip #4 Clothes

Get out the leg warmers, bright bandana and padded shoulders. Women went for the square shouldered look by putting shoulder pads in their outfits. This form of 80s fashion was brought to the fore with Dallas and Dynasty. Add leather jacket and accessories like a colorful necklace and you are there.

80s Fashion Tip #5 Mood

You need to be in the mood, so dust down your old LP collection and listen to Madonna and Micheal Jackson. How about some Dire Straits money for nothing for getting in the mood. It’s suprising how music can really help get you in the right frame of mind and so getting the 80’s look is no exception.



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