Rubber Poppers

Here is a toy that you may remember if you grew up in the Eighties. Rubber Poppers

It was a simple concept. Turn the rubber popper inside out and wait for it to ping into the air.

Parents everywhere would exclaim “I’ll buy you one, but do not put it in your mouth”!

Rubber Poppers

Retro Rubber Poppers

This retro toy from the late eighties though had to be tried in all sorts of circumstances. What happens when it pops in water? How far can it jump off the stairs. Good point, what does happen when it pops in your mouth?

Such a simple toy but one to remember to your grandchildren. I bet health and safety has now banned them – shame.


8 thoughts on “Rubber Poppers

  1. OMG!! My brother had a big popper that he decided sto suction to his forehead. It left a massive purple circle on there for a few days. I think we got it out of a cap’n crunch or quaker rice squares box.

  2. I liked to place these on a table or counter as I walked through an occupied room… And then wait around the corner for the inevitable startled scream a minute later.

  3. My nine year old son came home with one of these today I have not seen one for years since I was a child such fun loved collecting different ones

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