Leave it to Beaver Lunchbox

It seems that the 1957 Leave it to Beaver is the latest craze to grip parents and children.

This great sitcom ran through the 1950s and 60s. It was about an inquisitive but often naïve boy named Theodore “Beaver” Cleaver and the adventures and pickles he would get into around the neighbourhood.
Its estimated there were around 234 episodes made.

Recently we were asked is it possible to get a Leave it to Beaver Lunchbox?
Alice Gowin a Skooldays.com fan asked us “Could you please help me find a “Leave it to Beaver” lunchbox – I would really like to buy one. Thank you for your time and patience.” Well whats really cool is the answer is yes, and you can get it for free!

Lunchbox with Leave it to Beaver dvd

Leave it to Beaver Free Lunchbox

At the moment you get a free Leave it to Beaver Lunchbox with the first episode on DVD. Its on Amazon under Leave it to Beaver – The Complete First Season Limited Edition Gift Set



The First season is considered one of the best, with episodes including “The Black Eye”, “The Bank Account”, “Train Trip”, “The Perfect Father”, “Beaver Runs Away”, “Tenting Tonight”, and “The Haircut”, which has Beaver getting scalped by barber Wally. Also “Beaver’s Short Pants”, “Party Invitation”, are included in the Lunchbox.

Many will still remember the school slang used in the sitcom. Wally and Beaver both use “gyp”, “mess around”, and “hunka”, “Junk”, “crummy”, “grubby”, “rat”, and “creep”.

Does anyone out there still use any of these slang words?

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