White socks

When it came to a serious fashion statement in the classroom, nothing stood out more than white socks sandwiched between the black trousers and black shoes of the school uniform.

White socks

White socks big in the 1980s

Most schools never dreamt of including the colour of the socks as it was a foregone conclusion from the previous centuries that all school boys would wear black or grey socks. suddenly white socks were in.


whether you were a Mod or not, white socks were the new grey sock. It was even better now as you didn’t need to change your socks for PE (Physical Education). White Socks could some times stay on your feet for weeks, as they eventually disintegrated on the heel and toe.

It seems that white socks break all the rules which is probably why there were so popular at school. they don’t match anything, they look sporty, they get dirty and they are controversial with the standard uniform – White Socks are still popular though!

2 thoughts on “White socks

  1. White socks are very popular in America, but in Europe you can see many schoolboys wearing coloured socks even with vivid patterns or cartoon designs on them

    • I wish those thick white hooters style socks were in style! Hooters waitresses don’t even wear them anymore, too bad

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