Slinky – Blast from the past

From the Early 1940s this toy has been making its way down more stairs than an office worker working on the 50th floor!

Today just juggle the original slinky back and forth in your hands or buy 2 and race them down stairs


Slinky Toy still around today

How did it all start?


Well in 1943, a guy called Richard James, who was a U.S. Naval engineer stationed at the Cramp shipyards in Philadelphia happened to see a spring fall off a table and roll around on the deck. It was the fact that the torsion spring was seen by Mr James that got him thinking as that spring has no compression or tension. Mr James decided to make it into a toy for kids and so the “Slinky” was born.

Arguably the Slinky is one of the most successful and long-lasting toys of all time. This is the original metal slinky containing over 80 feet of coiled wire in this old video advert

One thought on “Slinky – Blast from the past

  1. After the novelty of walking it down the stairs wore off, you would start to investigate other possibilities like stretching it as far as it would go, or dangling it outside an upstairs window. Of course, then it was only a matter of time before it ended up a tangled mess of bent coils at the bottom of the toybox.

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