Tin Can Alley

The fun fair in your home! That was Tin Can Alley is an inexpensive electronic shooting game for kids and your dad.

It was quite ahead of its time as it was one of the first toys to use infrared technology embedded inside a small plastic pistol or rifle.

Tin Can Alley

Tin Can Alley by Ideal

Of course it wasn’t long before everyone was bored and wondered what happened if you fired at the cat – nothing! No RSPCA phone calls were made, in fact unless you aim it two inches away from the target, nothing ever happened – I think the aim was dodgy on the one my dad got.


Aim right and knock the Dr. Pepper cans off the fence rail! Endorsed by Chuck ” The Rifleman ” Conners.

Ideal made this advert in 1977, take a look, very nostalgic.


The objective was simply to aim at a mark below a selection of small tin cans perched upon a plastic wall. Successfully aiming at the marks below each of the cans causes the can to “pop off”.

5 thoughts on “Tin Can Alley

  1. Wow! Great seeing this again! one look at the box brought me back to the age of about 13…I pestred my parents for years for one of these. It worked pretty well but you had to play it mostly in the dark as the 'beam' wouldn't work in light conditions. I spent many an hour popping pretend cans off the fence! I sadly got bored of it and progressed to hiding a real rifle under my parents front hedge and popping the discarded vodka bottles from the alcoholic lady up the road….Tin Can Alley!! 10/10!!

  2. I still have our son’s Tin Can Alley (“Chuck Connors”, w/rifle,box and cans. Still works! Getting ready to “pass it on” to a grandson!

    • That sounds great – I’m surprised it still works after all those years – would love to hear more about it – maybe a copy of the guidelines or rules etc
      Thanks for sharing your memory Ron

  3. just acquired one from the Bay and was working fine but then cans just starting popping without me even shooting them. Seems one or more of the electrical components failed in the motor/gearbox that rides along the fence. Took me about a week to find the proper resistor to slow down the motor just the right amount to prevent the improper operation. Works perfectly now. My brother had this and I wanted it badly too! Now I have one πŸ˜‰

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