Super Jock

Super Jock

Synopsis of Toy

It takes a lot of guts to put the word "Super" on your toy-you'd better live up to the promise, or all those smart kids who figured out that "super" sounds kind of like "stupid" will have a new name for your product. Thankfully, some toys live up to the hype. Among the deserving few was a line of sports toys from Schaper Manufacturing called "Super Jock."

Debuting in the mid-70's, the Super Jock athletes did things no non-super person could possibly do. For instance, most people don't have elongated necks that collapse when some kid pounds on their heads. But such was the life of the Super Jock. That solid thwack on the top of Super Jock's head set his skills in motion-kicking the football, swinging the bat, shooting the puck, launching the basketball, etc. Good aim and the right amount of pressure meant that the football would sail through the uprights, the basketball would swish through the hoop, the puck would sail past the goalie, or whatever Super Jock was called upon to do. Poor aim meant shame and humiliation (but don't go trying to blame Super Jock-he did his part).

Throughout the latter half of the 70's, Schaper released Super Jocks covering several sports. Super Toe did the field goal kicking chores, Super Touch shot baskets, Super Stick tried to sail a puck past the included goalie, and separate sets were also available for tee ball, baseball (with an automatic pitching machine) and soccer. In every incarnation, Super Jock was a champ, performing the kinds of game-winning sports heroics we all dreamed we could do ourselves.

Schaper eventually sold the Super Jock rights to Milton Bradley, who released redesigned basketball and football sets in 1986. Super Jock headed for the showers after his brief Milton Bradley run, but luckily for the sports-loving kid in all of us, he was called back into action in the 90's by Playskool. Super Jock still plays for the Playskool team today, executing his jock heroics for anyone with the skills to hang with his super self.

Release History of Toy

1975 - Super Jock
Super Toe
Super Stick
Super Touch

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Schaper, Milton Bradley, Playskool

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