Sit 'N Spin

Sit 'N Spin

Synopsis of Toy

Carnival rides were one of the coolest things about being a kid. Getting strapped into a Tilt-A-Whirl or Tea Cups and then being spun around was the next best thing to an out-of-body experience. Of course, the problem with carnival rides was that you could only get access to them once or twice a year, due to the fact they could only be found at carnivals or amusement parks. This dilemma changed for the better with the introduction of the Sit ‘N Spin, which made spinning carnival thrills available at a parent-friendly price.

The Kenner Toy Company began producing the Sit ‘N Spin in 1974. Essentially a modified version of the Tea Cup attractions popular at carnivals and amusement parks, Sit 'N Spin consisted of a stationary circular base with a steering wheel that poked up through its middle. All the spinner had to do was twist the steering wheel around, which caused the base to rotate around. The faster the wheel was spun, the quicker the circular motion. The end result was fast-moving but safe fun that inevitably resulted in dizziness accompanied by a feeling of pure euphoria.

Despite the occasional giddy nausea, the Sit ‘N Spin was the kind of toy kids never got sick of. As a result, it became one of Kenner’s most successful toys and has grossed over $300 million for the company since its release. Its reliable ability to turn a profit has also inspired several tie-in versions of the Sit ‘N Spin, promoting everything from The Care Bears to The Ewoks.

Currently, the Sit ‘N Spin is made by Hasbro and is readily available for thrill-seeking tots at toy store everywhere. Kids may not be able to visit a carnival every day, but the Sit ‘N Spin can help hang on to a piece of its fast-spinning fun all year round.

Release History of Toy

1974 - Sit 'N Spin

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Toy and Game Manufacturer

Kenner, Playskool/Hasbro

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