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When The Smurfs became a massive Saturday morning hit during the early 1980’s, the airwaves soon filled up with countless races of cute non-human creatures. A viewing session during Saturday morning or a weekday afternoon could easily turn up scores of critters with names like Monchichis, Popples, and Trollkins. One of the best and most successful of the cartoons to pop up in the wake of The Smurfs was The Snorks, a show about a mythical underwater kingdom of little creatures with little snorkels atop their heads. Much like the Smurfs, these sea-dwellers became a success both on television and in the toy stores.

The Snorks began their lives as comic book characters in Belgium (also like the Smurfs) and a cartoon based on their exploits was made in the U.S. by Hanna-Barbera in 1984. It soon became a mainstay of Saturday morning television, and this success led to a variety of toys, most made by Applause Toys. Snorks found solid popularity on the toy shelves in the form of small plastic PVC figurines and stuffed dolls. The figurines came in an endless variety of kooky poses, with the Snorks doing everything from playing tennis to eating pizza. The stuffed dolls were sixteen inches high, plush, and quite huggable.

As successful as these dolls and figurines were, they were only the tip of the Snorks iceberg. As the Snorks continued to enjoy success on Saturday mornings, store shelves began to swell with new items like bookbags, drinking glasses, bedsheets, party favors, puzzles, storybooks, erasers and even a Snorks boardgame. These items slowly vanished from these shelves as the 1980’s came to an end, but The Snorks continued to be rerun on television well into the mid-1990’s. The classic Snork toys are also still traded back and forth by toy collectors, proving what Snork fanatics knew all along: whether the Snorks came in television or toy form, they were always Snorkeriffic.

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