SSP Racers

SSP Racers

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"Do you hear it?"
"I hear it!"

Road-racin’, rip-cordin’, hood-smashin’ action could all be yours with Kenner’s Super Sonic Power Racers. One good, solid rip on the zipper-toothed Power Cord set your SSP Racer’s big wheel spinning, ready to zoom across the floor, shoot over a ramp, or crash into a demolition derby.

Introduced in the early 1970's, SSP Racers came in a variety of makes and models—El Caminos, VW Bugs, Formula One cars, dragsters, Bonneville bikes, even a Star Wars van (Just like the one in the movie! No, wait…) For the pros, Kenner offered a line of specialty accessories: Tune-up kits allowed future mechanics to practice their trade with Ultra Chrome add-ons; the Time Trial Set worked like a drag strip, complete with starter light and a timing clock; and the Smash-Up Derby let ramp-fed collisions send breakaway doors, hoods, wheels, bumpers, and trunk lids flying. Younger racers got into the act with SSP Pee Wees, a set of fire trucks, trains, and the like.

SSP's were enormously popular with young boys, who staged countless drag races for neighborhood bragging rights. The SSP Racer line died out toward the end of the 70's, but the ripcord racer lived on in other incarnations. Tomy’s Tron Light Cycles, Mattel’s He-Man Road Ripper, and many others all owed a debt to their SSP forebears, the granddaddies of zipper-fueled, hard-driving fun.

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1970 - SSP Racers

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