Space: 1999

Space: 1999

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“Exciting TV Characters From Moonbase Alpha!”

In the early 1970’s, Star Trek became a hit in syndication and built an enduring cult following in the process. Television producers took note of the show’s success as a rerun and began creating new live-action science fiction shows to get in on the action. And thus began the world of Space: 1999, a show that chronicled the adventures of a moon base accidentally launched into the galaxy by a nuclear explosion. And like any sci-fi television success, the show inspired plenty of tie-in merchandise.

The cream of the Space: 1999 toy crop came from Mattel, who released a series of four action figures in 1975. The characters recreated in toy form were Commander Koenig, Doctor Russell, Professor Bergman, an alien named Zython, each 9 inches tall with solid plastic bodies that featured soft rubber heads and arms. Each figure came with its own polyester outfits and accessories: Koenig, Russell and Bergman had plastic belts with miniature comlocks (futuristic walkie-talkies) and stun guns, while Zython had a red staff. The Zython figure also had the unique distinction of having a head made of phosphorescent green rubber.

Once Space: 1999 fans had bought these figures, they needed a backdrop to act out their sci-fi scenarios against. Mattel filled this void with the Moonbase Alpha playset. This attractive replica of the show’s main ship could accommodate the figures and included nifty features like a battery-operated Starflash Computer that lit up, and color photo stickers to decorate the base’s television screens. There was also a deluxe version of this playset that included the Koenig, Russell and Bergman figures.

Mattel also made two spaceship toys for Space: 1999. The first was the Eagle 1 Spaceship, a handsomely detailed model of the show’s main ship. It was over 2½ feet in length and featured detachable Command and Engine modules that could be used as their own mini-spaceships. The midsection of the ship could also be opened to reveal a set of controls with seats on one side and a working crane on the other. To pilot the ship, there with three miniature action figures modeled after Koenig, Russell, and Bergman that could fit in the module or the midsection. Mattel also made a battery-operated Flying Eagle toy that could fly on a cord suspended from the flight console that the owner used to control it.

Space: 1999’s success also led to a flurry of other items, including novels, model kits, board games, card games, lunchboxes and even Halloween costumes. Many of these items are popular collectibles with sci-fi buffs today, but few are as popular with the show’s fans as the Mattel toys. These items go for hefty prices on the collector’s market, proving that Mattel’s Space: 1999 toys are almost as exciting as Moonbase Alpha itself.

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