Sand castles

Back to your childhood and the day the family took you to the beach. Sand castles, buckets and spades and a packet of 5 or 6 flags.

Sand castles

Sand castles from any decade

All you needed were two basic building ingredients, sand and water. Of course on a beach these are available in abundance.


Of course Sand Castle building is a big thing with competitions at beaches and on-line. One web site has weekly news, it offers sand sculpture news, tips, instruction and photos. Also it has useful information for sandcastle fans and sandcastle builders of all levels of expertise.

Sand castles at the beach


It’s true to say that sand castles are typically made by children, simply for the fun of it, but there are also sand sculpture contests for adults that involve large, complex constructions. A trip to Weymouth or Bournemouth will prove the point.

Flags in your Sand castles

Traditional flags for sand castles sold at most beach shops. Colourful, but talk about encouraging nationalism for your kids. Sand castles are a true childhood memory for many and the flags gave them the colour and some how was as satisfying as the man planting the flag on the moon in the sixties!

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