Glo Worm

Glo Worm

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Kids deal with their fear of the dark in many ways: Some set up toy soldiers as guards, some use nightlights, and others keep a water pistol on the bedside table. One of the most popular ways of dealing with things that go bump in the night is to keep a stuffed animal pal in arm’s reach. Teddy bears started this trend way back when, but many other different animals have stepped in since then. But none battled the unseen monsters better than Hasbro's Glo Worm, a stuffed toy with a head that glowed in the dark.

1982 marked the debut of the first Glo Worms, designed to resemble cute, cartoon-like worms in pajamas and sleeping caps. Although the bodies of the dolls were plush, the heads were made of a special plastic that allowed them to glow in the dark. Thanks to this novel feature, the Glo Worm managed to function as both a bed buddy and a night-light. As a result, this adorable toy soon became a fixture in children’s bedrooms all over the USA.

The success of Glo Worm led to follow-up toys like the Glo Worm Criblight and Glo Worm Light and Learn. The latter object was a board game that allowed to children to use a Glo Worm-shaped pointer to match different objects. Whenever a match was made, the Glo Worm pointer would light up. One of the coolest new Glo Worm toys were the large-sized Glo Worm dolls that “glowed” with battery-operated internal lights when squeezed. Glo Worm also made his way into children’s literature through books like Count In The Dark With Glo Worm.

In 1985, Glo Worm also appeared in an animated television special called The Glo Friends Save Christmas. This special introduced a full line of glowing animal friends for Glo Worm and led to the Glo Friends getting their own segment on My Little Pony ‘N Friends. Now that the Glo Friends were appearing regularly on television, they needed a toy line of their own. Hasbro happily complied and several different Glo Friends toys soon appeared in toy stores during 1986. There were several little glow-in-the dark plastic Glo Friend toys, including some that were small enough to be used as finger puppets. Wendy’s Restaurants also sold several of the finger-puppet-sized Glo Friends as a tie-in.

All in all, Glo Worm and his many related toys were quite successful. In fact, Hasbro continued to manufacture Glo Worm toys well into the mid-1990’s. New Glo Worm items have not been made in recent years, but the classic toys continue to be hot items on the collector’s market. Their ability to remain popular proves that no one ever forgets their stuffed animal friends… especially if they happen to glow in the dark.

Release History of Toy

1982 - Glo Worm
1986 - Glo Friends

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