Get in Shape Girl!

Get in Shape Girl!

Synopsis of Toy

If you envied your mom’s exercise ritual, the way she moved that coffee table right out of her way, popped a Jane Fonda aerobics video into the VCR and then unleashed the inner fitness goddess within…if that was a sight that inspired you, but there wasn’t enough room in the den for that gigantic sectional couch and two aerobicizers, then the Get in Shape Girl exercise regimen was all you needed. Well, that, a striped leotard and some legwarmers.

Hasbro pointed their magic toy wand toward the young lady demographic with the 80’s at-home fitness craze in mind, releasing a line of exercise equipment made especially for future gym members and Jane-tape devotees. The instructions came in pretty pastel colors, there were rhythmic gymnastic ribbons and jumping robes, and best of all, a cassette audio tape to blast when mom had cleared out of the den and you were dressed up and ready to go. Toys aren’t always a sit-down, sweat-free activity, you know. Sometimes a girl is compelled to shake her stuff, and once in a while, inspired enough to perform for the imaginary panel of rhythmic gymnastic judges lined up on that sectional couch.

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1985 - Get in Shape Girl!

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