The Flintstones Episodes

The Flintstones is still a family favorite according to skooldays stats, as it suddely overnight became the most searched for show. The Flintstones Episodes were 166 in total spanning 6 seasons. The animated series ran from 1960 to 1966.

The Flintstones is presently seen in 22 languages in more than 80 countries around the world, and is on somewhere every minute of the day. Writers, recording dates, and air dates are included for each episode. Production numbers are indicated in parentheses. Episodes are listed in production order, which are not always the same order in which they aired.

The Flintstones

The Flintstones Cartoon Series

Lyrics for the Flintstones song:

“Flintstones, Meet the Flintstones
They’re a modern stone age family
From the, town of Bedrock
They’re a page right out of history
Let’s ride, with the family down the street
Through the, courtesy of Fred’s two feet
When you’re, with the Flintstones
Have a yabba, dabba, doo time
A dabba doo time
We’ll have a gay, old time! ”

Did you know – The Flintstones Episodes trivia

Year at start: 1,000,040 B.C.

Hometown: Bedrock

“Sheriff for a Day” was the Flintstones episodes only production without a laughter track.

Dino (a Snarkasaurus) is the Flintstone family pet

Hoppy (a Hoparoo) is the Rubble family pet

Fred and Barney belong to the Water Buffalo Lodge

Fred is a Dino operator at a gravel company


The Flintstones Episodes List

The Flintstones Episodes Guide – Season 1

  1. The Flintstone Flyer Rec 4-2-60, Air 9-30-60
    Barney builds “The Barney Copter,” which Fred renames “The Flintstone Flyer,” and which the boys use to go bowling instead of to the opera with their wives.
  2. Hot Lips Hannigan Rec 5-2-60, Air 10-7-60
    Fred makes Betty and Wilma disappear (he thinks) in a magic cabinet, and he and Barney join in a hep jam session at the Rockland.
  3. The Swimming Pool Rec 4-1-60, Air 10-14-60
    Fred and Barney build a joint swimming pool in their backyards, leading to a series of fights prior to a surprise birthday party for Fred.
  4. No Help Wanted Rec 4-11-60, Air 10-21-60
    Fred causes Barney to lose his job, so he helps him get a new one–as a furniture repossessor. Fred’s TV set is first on Barney’s list.
  5. The Split Personality Rec 5-9-60, Air 10-28-60
    Knocked on the head by a bottle, Fred becomes “Frederick,” an irritating fop.
  6. The Monster From the Tar Pits Rec 6-22-60, Air 11-4-60
    Fred is the stunt double in Gary Granite’s latest picture.
  7. The Babysitters Rec 4-6-60, Air 11-11-60
    Fred and Barney babysit little Egbert and bring the child to Joe Rockhead’s house so they can watch the fights. Joe’s runtosaurus (and all hell) breaks loose.
  8. At the Races Rec 4-18-60, Air 11-18-60
    In order to buy Boulder Dan’s billiard parlor, Fred and Barney turn to gambling. “Come on, Sabre Tooth!” they plead. “DOOON’T bet on the races!” advises a fellow spectator.
  9. The Engagement Ring Rec 4-8-60, Air 11-25-60
    Barney buys a ring for Betty, Fred hides it, and Wilma finds it–and thinks it’s meant for her. Now Barney has to fight the champ to raise $500.
  10. Hollyrock, Here I Come Rec 5-20-60, Air 12-2-60
    Wilma and Betty win a slogan contest, leading to a trip to Hollyrock and (indirectly) to a new TV show called “The Frogmouth.”
  11. The Golf Champion Rec 6-29-60, Air 12-9-60
    Barney won’t let Fred keep his golf trophy because he hasn’t paid his lodge dues.
  12. The Sweepstakes Ticket Rec 7-11-60, Air 12-16-60
    Fred and Barney buy a lottery ticket and hide it in an old coat; Wilma and Betty buy one and hide it in a coffee pot. Confusion ensues.
  13. The Drive-In Rec 4-25-60, Air 12-23-60
    The boys buy a diner without telling the wives, but have difficulty keeping their secret when the “burger on a bun” girls show up at Fred’s house.
  14. The Prowler Rec 4-5-60, Air 12-30-60
    Betty and Wilma want to take Judo lessons to defend themselves against a neighborhood burglar.
  15. The Girls’ Night Out Rec 5-31-60, Air 1-6-61
    Fred cuts a record at an amusement park and becomes teen singing idol Hi-Fye.
  16. Arthur Quarry’s Dance Class Rec 8-22-60, Air 1-13-61
    Fred and Barney take dance lessons, using Joe Rockhead’s Volunteer Fire Department as a front.
  17. The Big Bank Robbery Rec 8-15-60, Air 1-20-61
    Fred and Barney intercept $86,000 in stolen loot, and are soon wanted by both the police and the real robbers.
  18. The Snorkasaurus Hunter Rec  6-7-60, Air 1-27-61
    On a hunting trip, the gang encounter a fast-moving, fast-talking snorkasaurus. Fred and Barney try to catch him for dinner.
  19. The Hot Piano Rec 7-27-60, Air 2-3-61
    Fred buys a piano from 88 Fingers Louie as an anniversary present for Wilma.
  20. The Hypnotist Rec 7-25-60, Air 2-10-61
    Inspired by the Great Mesmo, Fred accidentally hypnotizes Barney into thinking he’s a dog. Barney runs off and winds up in the pound.
  21. Love Letters On the Rocks Rec 9-2-60, Air 2-17-61
    Fred finds a love letter to Wilma and hires Perry Gunite, a private eye.
  22. The Tycoon Rec 9-13-60, Air 2-24-61
    Fred trades places with J. L. Gotrocks, his rich double.
  23. The Astr’nuts Rec 9-27-60, Air 3-3-61
    The boys accidentally enlist in the Army and are recruited for a top-secret moon launch.
  24. The Long, Long Weekend Rec 10-24-60, Air 3-10-61
    The Flintstones and Rubbles visit the hotel owned by Fred’s old friend Gus (“Smooooothie”) and end up as the only members of the hotel staff just as the Water Buffalo convention rolls into town.
  25. In the Dough Rec 11-12-60 and 11-17-60, Air 3-17-61
    Wilma and Betty’s Flint Rubble Double Bubble Cake makes them finalists in a bake-off, but Fred and Barney must assume their identities when the wives get the measles.
  26. The Good Scout Rec 11-12-60, Air 3-24-61
    Fred and Barney lead a Boy Scout troop into danger.
  27. Rooms For Rent Rec 1-11-61, Air 3-31-61
    Wilma and Betty take in music students as lodgers.
  28. Fred Flintstone–Before and After Rec 1-23-61, Air 4-7-61
    Fred’s appearance in a Fat Off Reducing Method commercial leads to his joining Food Anonymous.


The Flintstones Episodes Guide – Season 2

  1. The Hit Song WritersRec 2-7-61, Air 9-15-61
    Taking their cue from _There’s Loot in Lyrics_, Fred and Barney try to pen a hit song. They get a helping hand from Hoagy Carmichael.
  2. Droop Along Flintstone Rec 1-30-61, Air 9-22-61
    The Flintstones and the Rubbles agree to take care of Cousin Tumbleweed’s ranch, and unwittingly stumble into the filming of a Western.
  3. The Missing Bus Rec 4-24-61, Air 9-29-61
    Fred becomes a school bus driver on the Bedrock-to-Red-Rock route.
  4. Alvin Brickrock Presents Rec. 5-21-61, Air 10-6-61
    Fred suspects that his neighbor has killed his wife.
  5. Fred Flintstone Woos Again Rec 2-7-61, Air 10-13-61
    The Flintstones return to Rock Mountain Inn to renew their vows, but discover that their original marriage ceremony wasn’t legal.
  6. The Rock Quarry Story Rec 2-24-61, Air 10-20-61
    Movie star Rock Quarry attempts to lead a normal life as Gus Schultz, but Wilma and Betty recognize him.
  7. The Soft Touchables Rec 4-9-61, Air 10-27-61
    Fred and Barney’s private eye business backfires when they become stooges of Boss Rockhead.
  8. Flintstone of Prinstone Rec 4-10-61, Air 11-3-61
    Fred attends Prinstone U and must balance studying and football practice along with his job at the quarry.
  9. The Little White Lie Rec 3-23-61, Air 11-10-61
    When Fred wins money in a poker game and claims he just found it, Wilma makes him run an ad in the paper to find the owner.
  10. Social Climbers Rec 5-10-61, Air 11-17-61
    The Flintstones and the Rubbles attend an ambassador’s ball.
  11. The Beauty Contest Rec 4-27-61, Air 12-1-61
    Fred and Barney are named judges of the Water Buffalo Lodge’s beauty contest–a fact they must keep from their wives.
  12. The Masquerade Ball Rec 6-12-61, Air 12-8-61
    Fred tries to win favor with his boss at a costume party, but doesn’t know that the costumes have been switched.
  13. The PicnicRec 5-20-61, Air 12-15-61
    Fred dumps Barney as Lodge field day partner in favor of trophy-rich Joe Rockhead.
  14. The House Guest Rec 5-15-61, Air 12-22-61
    Barney and Betty stay with the Flintstones for a week while the Rubbles’ plumbing is being fixed, and Barney’s behavior begins to drive Fred crazy.
  15. The X-ray Story Rec 6-15-61, Air 12-29-61
    Wilma and the Rubbles try to keep Fred awake for 72 hours after Dino’s X-ray (showing a case of dinopeptitis) is mistaken for Fred’s.
  16. The Gambler Rec 6-20-61, Air 1-5-62
    “Betting Freddy’s” gambling obsession returns, and the Flintstone home is soon devoid of furniture. Arnold’s boys club, however, looks great.
  17. A Star Is Almost Born Rec 7-10-61, Air 1-12-62
    Wilma is discovered by a TV producer and Fred becomes her manager.
  18. The Entertainer Rec 6-19-61, Air 1-19-62
    Fred woos a female client, Greta Gravel, for Mr. Slate while Wilma is out of town, but Wilma returns early and ends up at the same club as Fred and Greta–who turns out to be Wilma’s old friend.
  19. Wilma’s Vanishing Money Rec 7-5-61, Air 1-26-62
    Fred spends Wilma’s secret stash on a bowling ball. When he learns that this is what she was planning to use the money for in the first place, he hires a burglar to put the money back again.
  20. Feudin’ and Fussin’ Rec 7-31-61, Air 2-2-62
    Fred insults Barney and then refuses to apologize.
  21. Impractical Joker Rec 7-24-61, Air 2-9-62
    Barney gets revenge on prankster Fred by pretending to run a basement counterfeiting operation.
  22. Operation Barney Rec 8-16-61, Air 2-16-62
    Feigning illness so he and Fred can go to a ball game, Barney finds himself in the hospital and scheduled for an operation.
  23. The Happy Household Rec 8-21-61, Air 2-23-62
    Wilma lands a job as star of “The Happy Housewife Show,” which leaves Fred feeling like “The Neglected Husband.”
  24. Fred Strikes Out Rec 9-7-61, Air 3-2-62
    After failing a considerate-spouse quiz and missing their anniversary, Fred tries to placate Wilma over a romantic drive-in date and bowl in the championship tournament at the same time.
  25. This Is Your Lifesaver Rec 9-1-61, Air 3-9-62
    Fred rescues the apparently suicidal J. Montague Gypsum, and pays the price as Monty takes over his home.
  26. Trouble-In-Law Rec 11-6-61, Air 3-16-62
    Fred introduces his mother-in-law to rich rancher Melville J. Muchrocks, then tries to thwart the budding romance when it appears Muchrocks may be a con man.
  27. The Mailman Cometh Rec 9-25-61, Air 3-23-62
    Angry at being passed over for a raise, Fred sends an insulting letter to Mr. Slate–then finds out he has gotten his raise after all, and tries to retrieve the letter before his boss sees it.
  28. The Rock Vegas Caper Rec 9-21-61, Air 3-30-62
    Fred accepts an invitation for himself, Wilma and the Rubbles to vacation at Sherman Cobblehead’s Golden Cactus Hotel in Rock Vegas. But when he loses all their money gambling he refuses to accept Sherman’s charity, insisting that they work for their keep.
  29. Divided We Sail Rec 12-13-61, Air 4-6-62
    The Flintstones and Rubbles share a game show prize, a houseboat that Fred and Barney christen the _Nau-Sea_.
  30. Kleptomania Caper Rec 1-3-62, Air 4-13-62
    A misunderstanding regarding Fred’s old clothes leads to the conclusion that Barney is a kleptomaniac.
  31. Latin Lover Rec 1-5-62, Air 4-20-62
    Wilma encourages Fred to adopt Roberto Rockelini’s romantic manner (and moustache), but his apparent effect on women proves too much for Wilma to bear.
  32. Take Me Out to the Ball Game Rec 1-15-62, Air 4-27-62
    Fred becomes umpire for the little-league baseball game between coach Barney’s Bedrock Giants and the Grittsburg Pyrites, but his calls produce unsportsmanlike behavior in the Giants’ fathers.

The Flintstones Episodes Guide – Season 3

  1. Dino Goes Hollyrock Rec 1-30-62, Air 9-14-62
    Dino has a shot at TV stardom opposite the actress of his dreams in “The Adventures of Sassie.”
  2. Fred’s New Boss Rec 2-1-62, Air 9-21-62
    Fred tries to get newly-unemployed Barney a job at the quarry, and Barney is made Executive Vice President in Charge of Production when it turns out he is Mr. Slate’s nephew.
  3. Invisible Barney Rec 3-24-62, Air 9-28-62
    Fred’s attempt to cure Barney’s hiccups has an unexpected side effect.
  4. Bowling Ballet Rec 4-3-62, Air 10-5-62
    Fred enrolls in the Bedrock Dance Studio in order to regain his lost timing before the big bowling match against the Rockland Rockets.
  5. The Twitch Rec 2-14-62, Air 10-12-62
    Fred tries to get Rock Roll to perform at Wilma’s ladies club benefit.
  6. Here’s Snow In Your Eyes Rec 5-2-62, Air 10-19-62
    Wilma and Betty follow their husbands to the Lodge convention at Stone Mountain Ski Resort, where jewel thieves have mistaken Barney for their contact.
  7. The Buffalo Convention Rec 4-12-62, Air 10-26-62
    Every member of the Water Buffalo Lodge suddenly comes down with “dipsy-doodle-itis,” which can only be cured by three days away from their wives at Frantic City–but Wilma’s Doozey dodo bird knows the truth and could spoil everything.
  8. The Little Stranger Rec 5-9-62, Air 11-2-62
    Wilma is deliberately vague when she tells Fred that Arnold will be staying with them for two weeks, and Fred thinks that Wilma is pregnant.
  9. Baby Barney Rec 5-23-62, Air 11-9-62
    Having told his wealthy Uncle Tex that he and Wilma have a son named “Little Tex,” Fred enlists Barney’s help in ensuring his inheritance.
  10. Hawaiian Escapade Rec 6-21-62, Air 11-16-62
    Wilma and Betty win a trip to Rockiki Beach to meet Larry Lava.
  11. Ladies Day Rec 5-25-62, Air 11-23-62
    Fred dons a dress to get into a ball game for free, and he and Barney must deal with an angry Betty and Wilma, Mr. Slate, and an amorous client who has eyes for “Fredericka” and, later, for Wilma.
  12. Nuthin’ But the Tooth Rec 6-29-62, Air 11-30-62
    Barney’s toothache creates a headache for Fred, who tries to pull the tooth himself so they can use the money to go to the fights.
  13. High School Fred Rec 7-5-62, Air 12-7-62
    On the advice of an efficiency expert, Mr. Slate sends Fred back to finish high school, where he is instantly popular with the kids.
  14. Dial S For Suspicion Rec 7-9-62, Air 12-14-62
    Fred must take two physicals: one to take out a life insurance policy, and one for a new job as assistant to Conrad Hailstone at Stone Valley Inn. He soon begins to suspect that Wilma is planning to kill him to collect the insurance.
  15. Flash Gun Freddie Rec 7-16-62, Air 12-21-62
    Fred and Barney pursue a career in “photo-graphy” when they purchase a Polarock camera.
  16. The Kissing Burglar Rec 7-27-62 and 8-10-62, Air 1-4-63
    A thief with a romantic touch has Wilma starry-eyed and Fred seeing red.
  17. Wilma, the Maid Rec 8-13-62, Air 1-11-63
    The Flintstones hire a maid, Lollobrickida, who quits before an important dinner.
  18. The Hero Rec 8-15-62, Air 1-18-63
    Barney saves a baby, but Fred gets the credit. Will Fred’s conscience let him live with the lie?
  19. The Surprise Rec 9-4-62, Air 1-25-63
    Fred expresses negative feelings about babies when Barney sits for his nephew Marblehead–not the right frame of mind in which to hear Wilma’s news…
  20. Mother-In-Law’s Visit Rec 9-7-62, Air 2-1-63
    Fred’s attempts to be nice to Mrs. Slaghoople–“I love my mother-in- law, I *love* my mother-in-law…”–are less than successful. So when the old battle-axe winds up in disguised, part-time cabbie Fred’s taxi, he milks the situation for all it’s worth.
  21. Foxy Grandma Rec 8-30-62, Air 2-8-63
    Fred hires a housekeeper who turns out to be Grandma Dynamite, the notorious bank robber.
  22. Fred’s New Job Rec 9-11-62, Air 2-15-63
    Operation Get You a Raise, which involves Barney dressing up as “Mr. Rockafeather” and making a counter-offer for Fred’s services, backfires, and Fred is fired by Mr. Slate.
  23. The Blessed Event (a.k.a. Dress Rehearsal) Rec 9-20-62, Air 2-22-63
    Wilma is about to go into labor. (The birth of Pebbles.)
  24. Carry On, Nurse Fred Rec 9-27-62, Air 3-1-63
    After firing Wilma’s nurse, Fred assumes the household duties and mislays Pebbles.
  25. Ventriloquist Barney Rec 10-2-62, Air 3-8-63
    Barney’s voice-throwing trick adds to the general mayhem when he and Fred take Pebbles to a wrestling match.
  26. The Big Move Rec 10-16-62, Air 3-22-63
    Fred disapproves of Barney’s lowbrow influence on Pebbles, so he moves the family to a snobbish high-society community.
  27. Swedish Visitors Rec 10-23-62, Air 3-29-63
    While the Flintstones endure a rocky family camping trip, Wilma rents out the house to earn back the vacation money she has already secretly spent on herself.
  28. The Birthday Party Rec 8-10-62, Air 4-5-63
    Barney must keep Fred busy while Wilma plans a surprise party for him, but he loses his car with a sleeping Fred inside.


The Flintstones Episodes Guide – Season 4

  1. Ann-Margrock Presents  Rec 6-28-63, Air 9-19-63
    Fred and Wilma hire “Annie” to babysit Pebbles, unaware that the young woman is actually Ann-Margrock in town for a show (for which Fred and Barney plan to audition).
  2. Groom Gloom Rec 3-22-63, Air 9-26-63
    Fred dreams that Pebbles has married Arnold.
  3. Little Bamm-Bamm Rec 6-12-63, Air 10-3-63
    After wishing on a falling star, the Rubbles find Bamm-Bamm abandoned on their doorstep. Their attempt to adopt the boy leads to a custody battle involving attorney Perry Masonry.
  4. Dino Disappears Rec 3-13-63, Air 10-10-63
    Dino, feeling unloved and unwanted, runs away from home.
  5. Fred’s Monkeyshines Rec 4-3-63, Air 10-17-63
    Fred’s new glasses give him a dangerously distorted view of the world.
  6. The Flintstone Canaries Rec 4-5-63, Air 10-24-63
    Fred persuades Barney to sing lead in his barbershop quartet group on the “Hum Along With Herman” show.
  7. Glue For Two Rec 4-22-63, Air 10-31-63
    Fred’s new soft drink doubles as a super glue, and he and Barney are soon joined at the bowling ball.
  8. Big League Freddie Rec 4-25-63, Air 11-7-63
    Fred is mistakenly credited with the phenomenal baseball performance of rookie Roger. He plans to usurp Roger’s shot at the big leagues, and the gang give him the cold shoulder.
  9. Old Lady Betty Rec 5-6-63, Air 11-14-63
    Betty, disguised as elderly Mrs. O-Lady, takes a job purchasing common items with large bills for an equally bogus old woman, who turns out to be a counterfeiter.
  10. Sleep On, Sweet Fred Rec 4-30-63, Air 11-21-63
    Wilma and Betty use “sleep teaching” to get what they want out of their husbands, but Fred and Barney catch on and decide to turn the tables on them.
  11. Kleptomaniac Pebbles Rec 5-14-63, Air 11-28-63
    Pebbles’ tendency to take anything that isn’t nailed down is exploited by jewel thief Baffles Gravel.
  12. Daddy’s Little Beauty Rec 5-22-63, Air 12-5-63
    Fred enters Pebbles in a beauty contest.
  13. Daddies Anonymous Rec 5-21-63, Air 12-12-63
    D.A. is a club where Bedrock fathers secretly hang out and play cards when they should be walking their children.
  14. Peek-A-Boo Camera Rec 6-21-63, Air 12-19-63
    Fred and Barney attend a wild bachelor party under false pretenses, but the wives may never forgive them if their appearance on “Peek-A- Boo Camera” airs.
  15. Once Upon A Coward Rec 7-12-63 and 7-19-63, Air 12-26-63
    Fred is held up by a masked man who tells him to raise his arms “nice and slow.” He subsequently engages in dangerous activities to salvage his reputation.
  16. Ten Little Flintstones Rec 7-8-63, Air 1-2-64
    A flying saucer drops off ten duplicates of Fred, whose life is turned upside down by their actions.
  17. Fred El Terrifico Rec 7-19-63, Air 1-9-64
    Fred, sporting another flamboyant moustache, deals with jewel thieves and the jealous Wilma while on vacation in Rockapulco.
  18. Bedrock Hillbillies Rec 6-11-63, Air 1-16-64
    Fred inherits a hillbilly “estate” and is unwillingly pulled into the ancient Hatrock-Flintstone feud.
  19. Flintstone and the Lion Rec 7-29-63, Air 1-23-64
    Fred stubbornly refuses to acknowledge that the kitten he brought home has become a hungry and unmanageable mountain lion.
  20. Cave Scout Jamboree Rec 8-5-63, Air 1-30-64
    Shangri-La-De-Da Valley, far from being the isolated vacation spot the Flintstones and Rubbles were promised, turns out to be the site of a huge gathering of boy scouts.
  21. Room For Two Rec 8-29-63, Air 2-6-64
    Barney’s deciding vote against Fred in the “Water Buffalo of the Year” run-off leads to a bitter fight over a new room.
  22. Ladies Night At the Lodge Rec 8-16-63, Air 2-13-64
    Dressed as men, Wilma and Betty attempt to join the Water Buffalo Lodge but barely survive the initiation.
  23. Reel Trouble Rec 9-4-63, Air 2-20-64
    Fred bores everyone he can with his home movies of Pebbles, then inadvertently captures a robbery on film.
  24. Son of Rockzilla Rec 9-30-63, Air 2-27-64
    Fred dons a monster suit to create publicity for a new horror film, but becomes stuck and is chased by the police and a lovesick finkasaurus.
  25. Bachelor Daze Rec 9-26-63, Air 3-5-64
    How young Fred and Barney met their future wives while working at the Honeyrock Hotel.
  26. Operation Switchover Rec 10-2-63, Air 3-12-64
    Fred and Wilma switch jobs for the day. Will Fred win the Housewife of the Year Award?

The Flintstones Episodes Guide – Season 5

  1. Hop Happy < Rec 3-10-64, Air 9-17-64 Barney buys a hopparoo for Bamm-Bamm. The animal annoys Fred, until the families’ lives are endangered at a picnic and Hoppy goes for help./li>
  2. Monster Fred Rec 4-3-64, Air 9-24-64
    Fred’s bowling-ball accident necessitates a visit to Dr. Len Frankenstone, who sees an opportunity to test his personality- switching machine.
  3. Itty Bitty Freddy Rec 4-15-64, Air 10-1-64
    Fred’s experimental reducing formula leaves him a diminished man, a situation he and Barney exploit by putting together a ventriloquist act for the Ed Sullystone Show.
  4. Pebbles’s Birthday Party Rec 3-3-64, Air 10-8-64
    “The only caterer in town” muddles two parties, sending the Boulderettes to Pebbles’s kiddie party and Rocko the Clown to the Water Buffalo Lodge.
  5. Bedrock Rodeo Round-Up Rec 4-16-64, Air 10-15-64
    Fred is jealous of Pebbles’ affection for rodeo rider Bony Hurdle, Wilma’s old sweetheart, and enters the Bedrock Rodeo himself to win her back.
  6. Cinerellastone Rec 3-19-64, Air 10-22-64
    Fred’s fairy godmother helps him make a splash at Mr. Slate’s party.
  7. A Haunted House Is Not A Home Rec 4-21-64, Air 10-29-64
    In order to receive his Uncle Giggles’ inheritance, Fred and co. must spend the night in his uncle’s haunted mansion.
  8. Dr. Sinister Rec 4-22-64, Air 11-5-64
    Lured by Madam Yes, Fred and Barney must escape (“A judo, a chop chop chop!”) from Dr. Sinister’s island fortress.
  9. The Gruesomes Rec 5-1-64, Air 11-12-64
    The Flintstones befriend their next-door neighbors, the strange new inhabitants of Tombstone Manor.
  10. The Most Beautiful Baby In Bedrock Rec 5-11-64, Air 11-19-64
    Rockeo and Julietta comes to life as the Flintstones and Rubbles enter their children as competitors in a beautiful baby contest.
  11. Dino and Juliet Rec 5-21-64, Air 11-26-64
    Dino falls in love with the pet of Loudrock, Fred’s obnoxious new neighbor.
  12. King For A Night Rec 5-26-64, Air 12-3-64
    Fred exchanges places with the King of Stonesylvania.
  13. Indianrockolis 500 Rec 6-12-64, Air 12-10-64
    Fred drives Barney’s race car as Goggles Pisano.
  14. Adobe Dick Rec 6-4-64, Air 12-17-64
    A Lodge fishing trip on the _HMS Bountystone_ goes awry when Fred and Barney encounter a legendary whaleasaurus.
  15. Christmas Flintstone Rec 7-9-64, Air 12-25-64
    Macyrock Santa Fred must fill in for the actual, ailing Santa Claus on Christmas Eve.
  16. Fred’s Flying Lesson Rec 6-18-64, Air 1-1-65
    Fred “Wings” Flintstone wins a free flying lesson and decides to take the full course after meeting the beautiful instructor.
  17. Fred’s Second Car Rec 7-2-64, Air 1-8-65
    Fred buys a “confisticated car” at a police auction, and is chased by crooks who suspect that the car contains jewels.
  18. Time Machine Rec 7-15-64, Air 1-15-65
    A trip to the World’s Fair turns into a trip through time as the Flintstones and Rubbles visit future historical eras.
  19. The Hatrocks and the Gruesomes Rec 7-16-64, Air 1-22-65
    If the Gruesomes don’t scare the irritating Hatrocks off, Fred reasons, perhaps “bug music” will…
  20. Moonlight and Maintenance Rec 7-28-64, Air 1-29-65
    The Flintstones move into Bedrock Towers, where Fred takes on the job of Resident Stationary Engineer in addition to his quarry duties.
  21. Sheriff For A Day Rec 8-10-64, Air 2-5-65
    A uranium hunting expedition results in Fred being appointed sheriff of Rocky Gulch just before the Slatery Brothers ride into town.
  22. Deep In the Heart of Texarock Rec 8-4-64, Air 2-12-65
    The Flintstones and Rubbles help Fred’s Uncle Tex thwart cowasaurus rustlers on his Texarock ranch.
  23. The Rolls Rock Caper Rec 8-28-64, Air 2-19-65
    “Boulder’s Rules” apply as Fred and Barney help Aaron Boulder solve a murder mystery.
  24. Superstone Rec 8-17-64, Air 2-26-65
    Fred assumes the identity of a television superhero and is framed in a ticket-theft scam.
  25. Fred Meets Hercurock Rec 8-31-64, Air 3-5-65
    Fred lands a starring role in Hercurock and the Maidens, but he may not survive the filming.
  26. Surfin’ Fred Rec 9-21-64, Air 3-12-65
    Fred (“Troy”) becomes a surfing fool among the teenagers at Rock Island, requiring frequent rescues by lifeguard Jimmy Darrock.

The Flintstones Episodes Guide – Season 6

  1. No Biz Like Show Biz Rec 4-13-65, Air 9-17-65
    Pebbles and Bamm-Bamm’s miraculous singing ability leads to overnight stardom.
  2. The House That Fred Built Rec 3-2-65, Air 9-24-65
    Fred and Barney restore an old house for Fred’s mother-in-law.
  3. The Return of Stoney Curtis Rec 6-21-65, Air 10-1-65
    Fred wins Stony Curtis’s services in connection with the star’s upcoming picture, _Slave Boy_.
  4. Disorder In the Court Rec 4-23-65, Air 10-8-65
    Jury foreman Fred fears for his life after he delivers a guilty verdict for vicious Mangler–who escapes from prison.
  5. Circus Business Rec 6-10-65, Air 10-15-65
    Fred buys a circus, whose unpaid acts all walk out–leaving the Flintstones and Rubbles to fill in.
  6. Samantha Rec 6-24-65, Air 10-22-65
    Unknowingly aided by the magic of their new neighbor Samantha, Wilma and Betty compete with Fred and Barney in the area of woodland survival.
  7. The Great Gazoo Rec 6-17-65, Air 10-29-65
    Gazoo, a political exile from the planet Zetox, is assigned to serve prehistoric “dumb-dumbs” Fred and Barney.
  8. Rip Van Flintstone Rec 6-15-65, Air 11-5-65
    Fred falls asleep at the quarry’s annual picnic and finds himself in Bedrock’s future, where Barney is a millionaire, Pebbles and Bamm-Bamm are married, and Wilma is a lonely old woman.
  9. The Gravelberry Pie King Rec 7-1-65, Air 11-12-65
    Once again fired by Mr. Slate, Fred attempts to market Wilma’s gravelberry pies, but finds he is losing money on the deal.
  10. The Stonefinger Caper Rec 7-8-65, Air 11-19-65
    Barney and Fred are kidnapped by Stonefinger and his henchmen, who have mistaken Barney for scientist Dr. Rockenheimer. Will Gazoo rescue the boys?
  11. The Masquerade Party Rec 7-15-65, Air 11-26-65
    The promotional campaign for a new singing group, the Wayouts, has Bedrock’s panic-stricken populace fearful of an alien invasion–and Fred is wearing a spaceman outfit for the Lodge costume party.
  12. Shinrock-A-Go-Go Rec 7-22-65, Air 12-3-65
    Fred injures his foot and creates a dance sensation, “The Frantic.” “Shinrock” host Jimmy O’Neillstone is so impressed he books Fred to appear on the program.
  13. Royal Rubble Rec 7-27-65, Air 12-10-65
    Barney is mistaken for Stonyrock-arabian prince Barbaruba and given the royal treatment, but Fred is suspicious.
  14. Seeing Doubles Rec 8-3-65, Air 12-17-65
    Fred and Barney go bowling while “Fred and Barney nothing” (Gazoo- created duplicates who can only say “Yes, yes, yes” and “No, no no”) take the wives to dinner.
  15. How To Pick A Fight With Your Wife Without Really Trying Rec 8-4-65, Air 1-7-66
    A fight sparked by differing beliefs as to which gender has “the superior mind” causes Fred to move in with Barney, and Betty to stay with Wilma.
  16. Fred Goes Ape Rec 8-5-65, Air 1-14-66
    The wrong bottle of pills turns Fred into an ape instead of curing his sneezing.
  17. The Long, Long, Long Weekend Rec 8-19-65, Air 1-21-66
    Fred is skeptical of Barney’s magazine about the future, until Gazoo transports the Flintstones and Rubbles there.
  18. Two Men On A Dinosaur Rec 8-17-65, Air 2-4-66
    Gazoo’s dinosaur-race betting tips prove too accurate, and Fred and Barney are targeted by Big Ed and his bookies.
  19. The Treasure of Sierra Madrock Rec 8-20-65, Air 2-11-66
    Fred and Barney are tricked into purchasing a worthless claim of land. When they suddenly find gold, the two con men who sold them the land set about getting the claim back.
  20. Curtain Call At Bedrock Rec 9-7-65, Air 2-18-66
    Fred turns down the leading male role in _Romeorock and Julietstone_, but replacement Barney seems hopeless in the part.
  21. Boss For A Day Rec 9-13-65, Air 2-25-66
    Gazoo lets Fred experience what it’s like to run the show for a change.
  22. Fred’s Island Rec 9-14-65, Air 3-4-66
    Tricked into painting Mr. Slate’s yacht, Fred and Barney are cast adrift and find themselves on a seemingly deserted island.
  23. Jealousy Rec 9-24-65, Air 3-11-66
    Fred fakes a headache so he can go bowling, but the thought of Wilma’s old boyfriend and new dinner date, Wilbur Terwilligerock, keeps him from concentrating on his game.
  24. Dripper Rec 10-1-65, Air 3-18-66
    Dripper, a performing sealosaurus, follows Barney home from the Oceanrock Aquarium, but a pair of criminals have followed Dripper.
  25. My Fair Freddy Rec 10-20-65, Air 3-25-66
    The Flintstones are accepted into the Stonyside Country Club when an overhead conversation about Dino’s lineage is misunderstood to be about Fred’s. Gazoo sets about helping Fred get culture.
  26. The Story of Rocky’s Raiders Rec 10-5-65, Air 4-1-66
    The perusal of Grandpa Flintstone’s diary tells the story of his World War I adventures.

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Pebbles and Bamm Bamm Show was a spin-off of one of America’s most beloved cartoon families, The Flintstones.

The Flintstones Movie included John Goodman, Elizabeth Perkins, Rick Moranis, Rosie O’Donnell and Elizabeth Taylor.

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