70s Laughing Bag

Anyone remember the 70s Laughing Bag. It was powered by a battery and would be the tool of the family joker. It was contageous as after a few seconds someone would also start laughing. Before you know it everyone in the room starts wetting themselves with laughter.

Sometimes it was known as The Laugh Box, other versions were  70s Laughing Bag, Laugh Bag.

The Laugh Bag must of been around probably since the late 60s. The laugh bag covered a skin pink plastic box that when you pressed the laugh button, it would of course start laughing at a loud pitch and volume. The sound it made, a person laughing uncontrollably, was infectious and all around would begin to laugh.

Normally you would sneak the laughing box into your inside coat pocket and then turn it on when the time was right.


Known as the Just for Laughs toy, it was often owned by the same uncle who also would bring a whoopee cushion round the following week. They sounded a little creepy though, especially when the batteries were on there last legs. Soon the draining laughter was anything but fun, it was manic, creepy and altogether insane.

70s Laughing Bag goes modern

Of course these toys have been easily superseded with the apps on phones today.

70s Laughing Bag

Even on Amazon there is a Novelty Laughing Gag Joke Bag or a Clown Toy that laughs, so even modern kids havent missed out on the 70s Laughing Bag

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  1. I was with a buddy in the late 1960s when we first came across this toy at a local toystore (we were 9 or 10 at the time). Along side this “Laughs In A Bag” product was a “Farts In A Bag” product. He bought the Laughs one, and he was the smash hit in the neighborhood all summer. We went back for the Farts one afterwards, but it was sold out. Months later the device stopped working, and we decided to open it up to see if we could fix it. We were amazed to discover the device was actually a very small record player! In your photo here, you show the small discs this machine used. At that time, my friend and I agreed that if we could ever again obtain working versions of BOTH the Laugh box AND the Farts box, that our lives would be complete. Decades later, I’m now wondering if this is what my life has been missing all along. I’m going to try to again find these working toys now. I’ll report back my findings… sooner or later.

    • I have one, and it works. One side is obnoxious laughing (like an old drunk uncle), and you flip the record and it’s a bird tweating (also obnoxious!). It’s in a bag with drawstring, one side says “HA HA! HEE HEE! HO HO! and the other side says “STRICTLY FOR DA BOIDS”

  2. I have been looking for the horror version of this. It had screams, ghostly moaning and ended with manical laughter. Does anyone remember that one?

  3. @ Theresa – I remember the horror one, though I don’t remember what it was called… Was it simply the Bag of Screams? They sold both the screaming & laughing versions at a stand near the Haunted Mansion at Disney World when I was a kid…

  4. Hello just wanted to give you a quick heads up. The
    text in your article seem to be running off the screen in Opera.I’m not sure if this is a formatting issue or something to do with browser compatibility but I thought I’d post to let you know.The layout look great though! Hope you get the problem solved soon.

  5. i have been searching for something and this thread is the closest I have gotten.
    The item I seek was for sale in the late 70s and did indeed laugh, but it was a furry monsterish creature hanging from a long sturdy bouncy spring. If you touched him, he began to bounce and laugh. Have been looking to replace my lost one for years.
    Trouble is, I have no idea how to search for it, as I never knew its proper name.

  6. this is the original one, nice shape,good sound. The audio clip is actually from an old unknown 78 disc..(laughing record)..and its not one of the common recordings,… we’ve searched for years….

  7. I have one that laughs and is light activated. I used it for my 50th birthday party and placed it under the toilet in the main room, so when people turned on the light and went to the bathroom, about 15 seconds in, the laughter emanated from under the toilet. One woman was seen to run from the toilet just barely getting her dress down before she made a ‘guest appearance’ in the main party room. HA!

  8. The toy store I worked for in the 1970s had a similar toy – but it was on the end of a long spring and covered in blue fake fur – if it was pulled down it would bounce around and laugh the same way. We had one mounted over a display counter and it got very old after a few days!

  9. Hello, looking for the original 70’s laugh bag,would appreciate help with this search. Thank you. Sincerely alpha Joseph

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