Johnny Eagle

Johnny Eagle

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They may be frowned upon today, but toy guns used to be big business in the toy world. Their necessity was obvious: you couldn’t have a real game of ‘Cops and Robbers’ or ‘Cowboys and Indians’ without toy guns of some sort. By the 1960’s, these guns came in all sorts of shapes and sizes, and some of them were blessed with a high level of craftsmanship. Some of the best examples from this era are the Johnny Eagle toy guns produced by Topper Toys. These toys combined realistic detail and cool features to create toys that could give any kid the appearance of a master gunslinger.

Johnny Eagle toy guns were life-size plastic replicas that were designed to closely resemble real guns and rifles. They came in four different gun and rifle sets. For aspiring cowboys, there was the Red River set, ‘Old West’-styled weapons marked with a running horse on their stocks. Toy buyers who fancied themselves as big-game hunters could get the Magumba pistol and rifle, which had elephants on their stocks. Hunters who wanted smaller game could get the Skeet-Shooter Set, which had stocks featuring a hunting dog with a duck in its mouth. Finally, there was the Lieutenant set for future members of the armed forces, featuring gun stocks were stamped ‘U.S. ARMY.’

All in all, these beautifully crafted toys were the perfect items for any playground or backyard battle. They also offered additional bonuses in their abilities to fire caps and shoot plastic bullets. They were not produced for a long time, but enjoyed a good deal of popularity while they were available, and they continue to be popular today with collectors of classic toys. Toy guns may be out of fashion today, but the slick craftsmanship and cool features used in Johnny Eagle toy guns ensure that they will always be appreciated by toy connoisseurs.

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1960 - Johnny Eagle

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