Johnny West

Johnny West

Synopsis of Toy

In the 1960s Johnny West was a cowboy doll with a difference, he could move like no other! He flexible joints and extra clothing made him a must for every kid in town. He was completely outfitted with the equipment and clothing like no other cowboy. Everything necessary for his life on the western range! Follow the directions for assembling the equipment, then have fun outfitting Johnny West with his various outfits was the message given on the accompanying instruction sheet that every Johnny West owner read.

Later in the 1970's the instruction manual that came with the toy advised Johnny West is typical of a cowboy and drover of the western Texas range. The cowboy was carried from the Vaqueros of Mexico to the saloons and dance halls of Dodge City. He was a man with quick reflexes, hard working, hard playing, and independent, whose only worthy posessions were a gun, a saddle, and a horse. He was strictly a horseman and would refuse to walk, even for a short distance. He was choosy about jobs and regarded himself as a cavalier rather than a laborer. Often described only as a man with guts and a horse.

For those who remember Johnny West his Horse was called Thunderbolt. Johnny West was from the Best of the West Series and was a very popular toy from the 1960's. A western themed action figure that kids love to recall here on skooldays.

Marx Stock Number: 2062

Originally Produced 1964

Carmel Tan Body, Cowboy / Olive green in Canada QD version blue body

24 accessories includes the following:
Figure Sombrero (1) Chaps(1) Spurs (2) Spur straps(2) Cartridge Belt with Holster(1) Pistol(1) Derringer(1) Neckerchief(1) Canteen(1) Vest(1) Knife(1) Rifle(1) Sacks of Gold(3) Coffee Pot(1) Coffee Cup(1) Frying Pan(1) Strong Box(2) Branding Irons(2)

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