Magic Robot Quiz Game

Made by Jumbo and Merit Magic Robot Quiz Game was Published in 1950 and While marketed as a board game, the Magic Robot Quiz game is probably more accurately a “curiosity” game. The “game” consists of placing a little robot figurine which holds a pointer in the center of a circular pattern of questions.

Magic Robot Quiz Game


The magic robot is rotated to a particular question, and then lifted from the question area and placed in the center of the circular pattern of answers, whereupon the figurine auto-rotates to point to the correct answer. Magic, and as a kid the main game was trying to understand the physics involved rather than worry about the answers and questions!

Magic Robot was really a 1950’s version of Trivial Pursuit limited to just over 100. So you can imagine it didn’t last long before you knew all answers

Magic Robot box consisted of 1 magic board, 1 Robot figurine and
4 double sided overlay mats with questions and answers

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  1. We played with the Magic Robot in the 1950’s and 60’s in Sydney, Australia. It was my favourite amusement because I could play it alone, testing myself out on the questions, or with my brothers as a competition. The questions were themed, and my favourite themes were nature and history. It probably contributed to my becoming a teacher in adult life.

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