Game of Nations Board Game

Game of Nations Board Game

This Strategy Board Game by Waddington’s for 2 to 4 players looks great, but again it falls into a category of mine, i bought it, but just never played it. It sat in my collection for 15 years and hardly got opened from the day of purchase.

Game of Nations Board GameReading other blogs on the web some view the Game of Nations board game as a classic 1970’s strategy game where players have to protect their territories while maximising their oil revenue.


Designed by Miles Copeland, formerly of the CIA and who went on to manage the police, it is a game of strategy rather than luck so that’s not a bad thing, but it lacks the speed and ease of play that should en-capture a new player. Shame as it is probably a good game. Anyone of you readers ever play Game of the Nations?

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  1. Yep….played this a lot….but took a lot of time….and was always best with four commited players. Maybe its tie for a revamp of this game, in todays political climate?

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