London Cabbie Board Game

London Cabbie Board Game

Here is a great game to remember from Intellect Games, London Cabbie
This taxi driving game is a lovely little game that our UK visitors may remember.

This game for 2 to 6 players is now very hard to find in complete and good condition as it was only in production for a few years in the early seventies.


London Cabbie Board GameThe artwork on the box made this a really attractive game with massive heads poking out of each cab and a colourful map of London. The game play was fun. Running a couple of taxis around a map of London you soon get into the idea of planning very efficient trips. With traffic jams inevitable and tips varying from a penny to a pound, the game is all about beating other cabbies at there own game.

If ever they were to update this game, they would have a great addition to a section of the board, the congestion charged area, the low emission zone and bus lanes, I’m glad i never became a London cabbie driver now!

One thought on “London Cabbie Board Game

  1. I Arrive a london dpi, from Finland 18.10 And I stay 22.10.2010 Up to.
    I would like to show for you board game, which I have planned.
    Game is fun and its rules learn in a few, even in one minute.

    Hundred your attention!

    Petri Helke

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