Bedford Pullmore Transporter

Dinky No.982 Bedford Pullmore Car Transporter from the 1950s

Now this earnt a lot of respect from other cars with injuries and yet on its own was plain useless!

mine was very chipped because it was rummaged so much in my toy box and never barely used.
Even now as a 60 year old Dinky collectible its lucky to make £10 in an antique shop or eBay.

Bedford Pullmore Transporter

Bedford Pullmore Transporter by Dinky

To be exact it was a 1953-54 light blue cab & trailer, blue hubs, fawn or grey trailer decks, “Dinky toys delivery service” decals with blue cab & trailer, blue hubs, fawn trailer decks, “Dinky toys delivery service” decals it was then renumbered to No.982 Bedford Pullmore Car Transporter.


Funnily enough my research showed that a mint No.582 Pullmore Car Transporter – light blue, fawn decks, mid-blue wheel hubs, 6 lower deck retaining rivets – this model being the rare version and only produced for a very short period Excellent in Good Plus box complete with No.944 Loading Ramp which is in excellent condition was estimated to go for £150 and ended up going or over £300. Now i clearly didnt respect mine at the time!

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  1. I did a swap at school for one of these but I was afraid to bring it home as swapping toys was not allowed. So I hid it under weeds in the alley but after a couple of days it disappared. Many years later I rectified this loss when I bought another in an antique toy store for $150.00.

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