Tupperware Zoo-it-Yourself

In 1966 these Zoo-it-Yourself set of plastic animals were released onto the teeth of ever toddler. They were a hit! Bright and colourful, cheery and adaptable we had loads of fun and what’s more they were so indestructable that they remain in your toy box forever (well until you decide to throw them out).

Tupperware Zoo-it-Yourself

1960s Tupperware Zoo-it-Yourself set

The Animals were made up of three animals: a plastic dog, an elephant and a giraffe. Each Tupperware animal composed of five interchangeable pieces: one body, two sets of legs, a tail and head, plus a neck for the giraffe. You could create a giraffe with a dog’s head, or a dog’s body with an elephant head on both ends, and so on. All the pieces are interchangeable.


They aren’t made any more but I’ve seen plenty on eBay while researching this childhood memory.

2 thoughts on “Tupperware Zoo-it-Yourself

  1. In Australia too! I didn’t have them myself – despite my mother having Tupperware in EVERY kitchen cupboard – but I had them for my daughter who is now 35. Think I gave them to my brother for his daughter which is a pity because as you say they are indestructable and if she ever produces a grandchild for me they would be great to have again.

  2. Hello
    I have a Tupperware elephant, which I bought in a garage sale. I don’t know at all if it’s vintage, but it’s the same as yours, except it’s pink, yellow and kind of blue/green. I’ve searched on the internet but didn’t find any with the same colors as mine. Do you, by any chance, know this model?
    Thank you!

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