Water Beakers

Water beakers made the water taste horrible!. There were always just one or two special gold beakers that every kid squabbled over and the rest were stuck with metallic blue or red.

Water Beakers

School Water Beakers

In those days 8 sat at a square table and the chairs were so small, (I guess that’s because we were that small) two chairs to each side of the table. There was a large jug of water on each table and we had metal beakers that used to get stacked in each other and formed huge towers.


Now the fight was ready to begin, one gold beaker in the middle of the stack! Beakers started flying every where when the teacher turned her back. Some kids ended up loosing teeth as they went to swig out of it and suddenly got smacked on the back of the head due to a nearby beaker fight on the table behind.

If you’ve been there, you’ll remember it well!

One person on the forum mentioned “the kids of today don’t get the obligatory jug of water with a pea and some mashed spud floating in it” They really missing out!

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