Scalextric : Retro Toys

Back in the 1950’s at a toy fair, Scalextric has become synonymous with slot car racing the world over and is well established as a famous British institution amongst children and adults alike. As can be seen – it wasn’t long before any themed car could get a look in – in this case the James Bond 007 Scalextric set….

Scalextric : Retro Toys

Through the years Scalextric been owned by companies such as Tri-ang and Rovex Ltd, and in 1971 production of Scalextric and Hornby trains began from Westwood, Margate.


Production of Scalextric products began in 1957 out of Hampshire, England UK and the rest is history as they say.

Throughout its 50 year history, Scalextric models have evolved to become ever more technical and life-like, a trend set to continue into the future. Children and adults are fascinated with the thrill of racing around a track at speeds that you can only dream of – in scale of course!
By the mid-1950s, the models were modified to take small electric motors and the ‘Scalextric’ brand (‘SCALEX’-Electric) was born. Scalextric’s roots actually date back to 1952 when a small company introduced a range of metal bodied model racing cars which contained a unique type of clockwork motor under the trademark ‘SCALEX’.

Once the popularity of the sets increased around the 1960’s we then saw the introduction of the plastic range of cars as the tinplate cars ceased. Can’t imagine what health and safety would say today if they were still tin!

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