Rub-on Transfers

Often known as ‘Action Transfers’, there was Castles and catapults, Racing cars, Moon Exploration transfers, Circus scenes, Football transfers. in the Seventies transfers were big.

Popular Rub-on Transfers

Seventies Rub-on Transfers

Simply you would get a sheet of transfers, and a background scene and place the sheet down and rub the transfer with an old coin or pencil onto the scene, the transfer then stuck to the scene. Once a transfer went down, there was no undo button, so you had to commit once only.


One way rub-on transfers

Nothing was more upseting than realising you had put your transfer in the wrong place. If you tried picking it off it just made a greater mess. This was one of those one way tickets that if it went wrong you often followed with tears.

In effect it was a 1970s Letraset for kids. Rub-on transfers comprised of a sheet of paper with a printed scenary and a transparent sheet of coloured transfers containing themed people, casteles vehicles all sorts of action shots for the background scene.

2 thoughts on “Rub-on Transfers

  1. I have been trying to find out what I was remembering for years! I could vaguely see it and remember how I felt but not know the product. Thanks!

  2. I am looking for a writing pad for kids that my kids enjoyed 25 yrs ago. It was a rubbery pad with a plastic sheet on top that had a sharp wooden stick to write with. When you wanted to erase you simple pulled up the plastic sheet and start over again.

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