Corgi Dick Dastardly Racing car

The Corgi #809 Dick Dastardly Racing car was released to school kids in the 70s during the time Wacky Races and Catch the Pigeon were at there height of popularity and making a buck for Hannah and Barbera.

This car wasn’t quite the real thing as it wasn’t a car found in Wacky Races with the expected 00 on the side. On the plus side it did have a detachable Mutley for the back wing of the car. these are going for around £80 to £100 on ebay.

Corgi Dick Dastardly Racing car


So who was Dick Dastardly?

Dick Dastardly is a fictional character and antagonist who appeared in various animated series by Hanna-Barbera Productions. Dastardly’s most famous appearances are main character in the series Wacky Races (his initial appearance) and its spin-off Dastardly and Muttley in Their Flying Machines. He is essentially a caricature of the English actor Terry-Thomas, and of Professor Fate, a comic villain played by Jack Lemmon in the film The Great Race. The character was voiced originally by Paul Winchell, then by Rob Paulsen and currently by Jim Cummings. Dick Dastardly Racing car was a celebration of a great animated character.

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